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Wonderful White: Bed linens and Soft Furnishings

Hey Friends,

In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about White, which happens to be my favorite color. Today’s blog post (especially “on demand” by my blog subscribers) would give you a glimpse into perfectly designed bed linens and soft furnishings designed in this particular hue.

Almost everything looks so wonderful and modern in white. Not just wonderful and modern, but also bright, neat, fresh, chaste and subtle. It is easy to pair it up against many colors, especially pastel hues and being so subdued in nature, it gives other hues a chance to stand out loud and clear.

In this picture by Wallace Sacks, white has been combined with silver grey which happens to be a neutral color, yet is looking so elegant against white.

This image by Debenhams Scene , features white as a very calm hue alongside blue which is acting as an accent and together they give rise to a serene ambiance which is stylish and elegant too.

This bedding by Yorkshire Linen looks very sophisticated in white, perfect for all age groups as it looks both classic and chic.

This image by Décor Pad looks simple and chaste with accents of black and grey. The look is both semiformal and easy.

This picture by Designers Guild features a bed linen that is formal, sophisticated and modern. The look is simple and will remain in vogue for a very long time.


By- Etsy

By- Lets Buy It

By- The Bride's Cafe

By-R R Curtains

These cushions above can be used against any colored backdrop as they look charming in almost all set ups.

By- Junelle

By- The Blissful

By- The Bed Bath Store

The curtains in white look both classic and ornamented. These are easy to install with any color drop.

If you are looking for a dreamy look in your space or to add on a timeless charm of a classic color, try out white and create a soothing ambiance around you.


10 Most Popular Winter Colors for Home Fashion

Happy Holiday Season to all!

Being a designer, my eyes are firmly set on design styles and color trends of the future. The entire 2011 will see a lot of mix of colors for every season.  There are a certain colors that come and go with seasons and some basic ones that tend to stay forever as classics. Here are 10 basic yet most popular colors for winters, which are known as color essentials for home.

1. Black is certainly the most popular of all dark colors. Most designers like to include black in the color palette of their designs for winters as it is classic and elegant.

(By-Laura Ashley)


2. White is a good choice to contrast black. It is a widely accepted color combo that is timeless and gives a fantastic opportunity to make the world lighter, brighter and more exhilarating.

(By-Natuzzi Niculaus)


3. Red is the sexiest of all hues. It makes just anything look like the center of attention.

(By- Arhzine)


4. Beige never goes out of trend as it looks good when paired with most colors in the color spectrum. I think it is as neat and sophisticated as Black and White.

(By-The Furniture)


5. Blue has seen a lot of variations in the gone by years. Turquoise being the color of the year 2010 (by Pantone Inc.) was seen in most stylish homes. This color works fabulously in all its tones and shades.6


(By-House to Home)


6. Pink works as a color that just sets the mood right. Honeysuckle being the color of the year 2011 (by Pantone Inc.) will be a part of most great design works and color palettes for both fashion and home.



7. Grey is a neutral color that makes every other color look good and vibrant when placed alongside. Although it is muted but it can very well make a statement too.

(By-Elle Decor)


8. Orange is an inviting color which stands for fun and frolic. It looks good in casual as well as formal ambiance.

(By-Celia Berliner)


9. Brown is certainly a must- have color. It has been in vogue during winters for a number of years and is here to stay for many more to come.


10. Green is a cool color but if used in right quantity and in right shades, it can do magic in winters too.

(By-Living Room Design Ideas)


If you are looking for subtle changes in your wardrobes and homes, the above colors will show you the sure way to enhance your lifestyle.


WHITE – A Pure and Bright Color Trend

Hey Friends,

First of all I would like to extend my heartiest wishes for this festive season and hope it brings all the happiness in your lives.

We all consider some or the other color as our favorite color. Mine is White. I just cannot imagine my world without white. Some people find it very bare and ordinary, but to me, it is extremely attractive and holds the power to be well cherished in a range of decorating styles. Saying that, I have always had a thing for white and moreover with oodles of design ideas in my mind, white is simply unavoidable for me.

Be it for a serene and casual look or an absolutely formal and welcoming atmosphere, there are innumerable hues that we can use alongside white. It adds a sort of crispness and freshness in our space, with furniture, walls, focal points or accessories.

The best thing I like about this color is that it can be well mixed in the existing décor and paired up with seasonal colors that happen to be in vogue. White is a classic and timeless color which sums up for a lot of versatility with easy acceptance of other hues. According to me it is the only color that is so fresh, clean and easy to live with.

Below are some pictures to illustrate the use of white in spaces well decorated.





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