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Spring/Summer 2012 Apparel Fabric Trends by Interstoff Asia Essential

Interstoff Asia Essential- the home of cutting edge textiles, it’s direction committee (a part of Messe Frankfurt in Hongkong) recently released the trend forecast for the wardrobes of Spring/Summer of 2012. Here it goes.

Re-Start: It is time to Re-set with positive energy and pep up the season. Check out the color palettes below.

Color Palette Spring/Summer 2012- Courtesy: Interstoff Asia Essential

ORIGIN: Extreme Serenity! A breath of fresh air floats over this theme. Pastel colors are combined with chalky neutrals to create extremely soft harmonies – white, sky blue, beige, pale gray and pale pink are used together or combined with silver. Fabrics are extremely light and transparent – voiles, poplins, devore transparency, ultra-light gauzes. Paradoxically, compact fabrics may be associated with these light fabrics.  Everything seems natural (cotton, linen, soybean, milk fibre, paper fibre); but it’s not just that! Synthetic or manmade fibres such as polyamide, polyester, Tencel or carbon offer great modernity. Finishes are chintzy and glazed with shine that is silvery. Surfaces may come to life: quivering, blistered, undulating or crinkled. Shirting checks and stripes are faded. All the prints appear to be veiled, superposed, shaded or cloudy.

Origin- Courtesy: Interstoff Asia Essential

PATINA: Here is a desire to suspend time, to reconstruct our own privacy far from maddening, crowded world. Colors are beige neutrals (bread, butter, milk) combined with greenish or bluish chambrays that literally breathe manual work. Earthy brown and khakhi place vegetable dyes in the spotlight. Rusticity reworked in a more refined spirit: chambrays, sturdy canvases, slubbed fabrics or basket weaves. Marled effects for pure linens or else blended with Tencel, Lyocell, viscose or cotton, silks combined with linen, lots of little yarn-dyed “country” checks or “pajama” stripes combined with bucolic flowers over dyed in blue or green. Furnishing Jacquards and thick laces or embroideries feminize the ambience along with more “country” flowers, and finishes that are soft and occasionally emerised.

Patina- Courtesy: Interstoff Asia Essential

GLEE: Make it fancy and express it! An urge for eccentricity blows through this theme by mixing all different cultures together and breaking the established rules by combining infinite amounts of prints. Colors are acidic and enlivened by exotic touches. Fabrics are elaborated in a vintage spirit: fancy yarn voiles, summer tweeds, crochets. All kinds of fancy weave techniques are used: big basket weaves, cut yarns, checks and stripes awakened by acid colors and colored slubbed yarns. Brightly colored lace and embroideries, prints are accumulated from little outlined flowers to exotic South American flowers. Here linen, silk, rayon and cotton blends dominate. Touches of plastic materials may add a “kitschy” note to this theme.

Glee- Courtesy: Interstoff Asia Essential

REFLECTION: Key words: shine, phosphorescence, luminescence, laser rays. The glamorous ambience of a night club for daywear, the colors themselves give off the same impression of luminescence. Black and the two dark tones accentuate the “black light” effect. Silk – either pure or blended – is in the spotlight. All the synthetics: polyamide, polyester, rayon or acetate. Ultra-stretch: increased importance of spandex. Satin, gauzes, organza and jerseys are the stars, either as solids or Jacquards. Digital prints and motifs inspired by plays of light (rays, dappling, shadows and geometric graphics), shaded stripes in a camaieu of colors. Bright satin stripes on dark or white grounds, reflecting or iridescent finishes make up the theme.

Reflection- Courtesy: Interstoff Asia Essential

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