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Color Pairings with Rose Quartz & Serenity (Pantone Color of the Year 2016)

Rose Quartz and Serenity…Pantone’s two beautiful colors for 2016, have an individual personality and they can be paired with numerous other hues to create designs and color ways that you can stand confident with. Have heard people calling them a baby pink and a powder blue, but, in reality they are nowhere close to them and its time to embrace the two colors for what they are and also to welcome this bright yet serene change in our ambience.

According to Pantone, whether in soft or hard surface material, the pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity brings calm and relaxation. Appealing in all finishes, matte, metallic and glossy, the engaging combo joins easily with other mid-tones including greens and purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink. Add in silver or hot brights for more splash and sparkle.

Below are Rose Quartz and Serenity color pairings as per Pantone’s forecast.

Color Combinations using Rose Quartz and Serenity

Color Combinations using Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone Color of the Year 2016- Rose Quartz and Serenity

A delicate pink and a soft blue…two beautiful colors that remind us of the 80’s and the 90’s when pastels were a huge hit in most countries. Pantone has declared its Color of the Year 2016…and for the first time they are two, not one… Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (Pantone 15-3919), reflecting inherent balance between warmer pink and cooler blue. Here is the report.

Forecast Courtesy: Pantone

The most fashionable colors for 2016

The most fashionable colors for 2016

A softer take on color for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year.
As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.
The prevalent combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity also challenges traditional perceptions of color association.
In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.

A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. For the first time Pantone introduces two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.


Sobriety- Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Hey Everyone,

The trend Sobriety by Heimtexil Trends 2011/2012, is designed keeping in mind the elemental requirement of products that have seen the test of time and still occupy our interest while we look at them or use them.

It is important to assess the consistent and dependable worth of a product that stays even when seasonal trends come and fade away. We tend to maintain a particular kind of quality and service demand even at times when it gets exorbitant because we believe in decent and principled opinion of ourselves. Over the years our attitude to buy or spend has definitely seen a remarkable change but our standards have remained the same to quite some extent.

The new end-user graph exemplifies Quality, Longevity, Sustainability and Significance. Hence this gives us, the designers, a scope of researching the gone by expertise and time-honored and established traditional craftsmanship. It is time to bring them all to life again. Today’s consumer is intelligent and keeps a desire to know every detail about the product being bought, how it is made, where it comes from, etc.

This trend has four themes to work on. The overall appeal that these trend themes generate is that of calmness, serenity, tactility, elegance and craft.

The theme SERENITY is designed for those expressive people who desire to reconsider their lifestyle and are in hunt of products to build emotional attachment with, products that connect well with their composed personality.

The theme NEW SCHOOL unravels and reinterprets the designs of 1950s which catch a consumer’s eye for being classic in nature. Such classic designs are for keeps and their charm never fades, they always remain in fashion in some or the other way and need not get altered with every upcoming season.

The theme CLASSIC MODERNITY indicates a style that stands for honesty, quality and consistency. Products that carry this style are known to be nostalgic and genuine.

The theme MINIMAL LUXURY represents a captivating and everlasting look of products. Minimalism is something people look for today and with this theme they get a chance to include those products in their lifestyle that fulfill the need of chaste, clean and simplistic designs.

Below is a picture to illustrate the trend Sobriety – a return to the essential and traditional.

SOBRIETY - Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

To conclude, if you are looking for designs that seem to be calm, serene, elegant and with some traditional orientation with craftsmanship, Sobriety is the trend for you.


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