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Fabrics In Trend – 2011/2012

Hi Everyone!

Trends for 2011/2012 by Heimtextil Trend Table are the hottest discussion topic today. Today’s post provides an insight into the kind of fabrics that will remain hot throughout next year. Here are a few pictures to depict the upcoming fabric trends.


Reconnect – Heimtextil 2011/2012 Trend Report

Hey Friends,

Heimtextil is an imperative event for Designers. It provides us with essential details on how to put together a collection for the upcoming season. As you must have read in my previous blog posts on Reconnect directions for 2011/2012, Sobriety, Mix Mash, Utility and Wilderness are the four trends that will command our attention throughout 2011.

Colors always play a noteworthy role in defining trends. 2011 will see a whole lot of fantastic color schemes, all full of vigor and substance.  All four trends showcase timeless colors in a new way, combined with deep-rooted culture, tradition, significance and need related aspects.

Sobriety is going to be one of the most important trends to follow because it supports our desire for gravity of ideas, simplicity, sustenance of some classic products and emotions. It features herringbone patterns, knits, heavy woven fabrics, brush stroke prints in colors full with energy. With the focus on classicism, Sobriety takes an opposing stance to a fashion-focused, seasonal acceptance of trends, which were too often experienced to the disadvantage of sustainability.

Mix Mash trend blends colors, patterns and manufacturing techniques from past eras in an electrifying way. It is a perfect reinterpretation of historic aesthetic values in an artistic way. This explains the use of contrasting textures, either coarse or handmade, printed crochet fabrics, embroidery and lace to depict ethnic influences. The idea is to create naïve style statements in bright orange, red, green, blue and purple.

Utility envisages the making of utilitarian products. Key concepts are sailcloth, jute and recycling. It indicates us to use simple functional products and materials with high practical value.

Wilderness is an extreme version of sustainability, showcasing handicrafts, natural colors and irregular structures. The point is to search for deep rootedness in our natural surroundings.


Color Trends –(Reconnect) Heimtextil Trends 2011/2012

Hey Folks,

In the last few days the blog posts covered the interpretations for trends for the upcoming year – 2011/2012. In addition to that, here are the color stories to go with those trends.

Color Trend 1: Sobriety – A return to the essential and traditional

Sobriety - Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Color Trend 2: Mix Mash – A combination of high-tech with craftsmanship

Mix Mash - Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Color Trend 3: Utility – Consumer society has changed and utility invites you to use it

Utility - Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Color Trend 4: Wilderness – Back to where we came from

Wilderness - Heimtextil Trend 2011/2012 (Reconnect)

Hope these will help you in defining colors for the design themes that you would design for the upcoming year.


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