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Heimtextil Trends 2012/2013- First Look

Today, Heimtextil declared the first look of trends for 2012/2013. Like all designers, even I was extremely eager to have a first look of the four trend topics, to check out what the next season would look like, what kind of fabrics and colors would gather interest around the globe. And today I feel happy to share the same with you all.

The Trendtable at Heimtextil has come out with four trend topics – Color Riot, Dark Lux, Craft Industry and Split Clarity.

Here is the first look. (Courtesy- Heimtextil)


In ‘Color Riot’, dynamic, thrumming shades of color appear in a new context – fresh, bold and vivid. And there are no limits on the interaction with light. High-gloss materials, colored laminations, superimposed, fluid and flexible fabrics underscore the brilliance of monochrome colors. New are, for example, ‘optical fibres’, iridescent effects and recycled materials. Decisive for the effect are the quality, wear resistance and longevity of the high-grade materials. When it comes to patterns, the trend experts expect, for example, broad stripes, all-over geometric patterns and graphic motifs. The computer world is represented by digital designs, photographic prints and hologram effects. Despite the playful urge to experiment, the unexpected looks appear clear and unequivocal.


The shadows of the night create a dark, mystical and elegant color series dominated by deep black, which is particularly ex­pressive on lustrous materials. Rounding off the color world are dark, colored accents – pepped up by metallic champagne and gold. Rubberized, liquid looks and glossy surfaces interact with furs and long-haired, smooth hides. Clarity and severity give the sumptuous textiles their modern appearance. Iridescent, shimmering and transparent qualities with animated sur­face modulation generate an air of mystery. Deep gloss, metallic shimmers, sequins and elaborate materials are to be found in almost all segments.


The combination of tradition and handicrafts on the one hand and industrial and mechanical methods on the other dominate the look of ‘Craft Industry’. A sunny-warm and lively color series is oriented towards natural landscapes with sky, mountains, lakes and forests, which contrast with industrial, metallic coal, copper and old-gold tones. ‘Craft Industry’ shows lively surfaces with irregular textures and lots of structured elements. Important are qualities with an authentic image and materials with vintage character, as well as restrained destroyed and used looks.  Fine patterns are created using creative techniques. The dominant elements include composite or offset checks, extraordinary patch­work designs, broken patterns, stripes and checks with partial pile effects, hand-sewn looks, intarsia and elaborately processed patches.


Less is more – ‘Split Clarity’ concentrates on simple, functional and essential elements. In other words, the focus is on sustainability, quality, high technology and new materials. The result is clear-cut, modern aesthetics. Clarity is reflected by a series of colors inspired by nature. The minimalistic and restrained compositions are generally interrupted by a single expressive shade. Material versatility is crucial. Metallic and reflecting surfaces, semi-plain patterns and transparent materials are used, as are animated but restrained surfaces. Linear, high-contrast and severe graphic designs set unequivocal accents. Depth is created by the interaction of light and shadow in different materials and surfaces.

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Appliqué and Patch Work

Hey Everyone!

Appliqué and Patch Work are 2 techniques that are famous all over the world for enhancement of fabrics and products. These 2 happen to be my favorite too as they generate a lot of surface interest and novelty by means of ornamentation.

In earlier days, geometric motifs were used to build the patterns for the 2 of these and these techniques were considered to be a good form of creative past time. Today, we look up to these techniques to add essence and focus to a particular look, be it for fashion, home or lifestyle products. Moreover, designers these days are trying out a lot of unusual shapes in appliqué and a lot of different textures for patch work.

Patch work is a form of fabric craft or needle work in which fabrics are sewn together carefully without any puckering to make a larger design or fabric. Whereas, appliqué is a craft or needle work in which a cut motif/pattern is sewn over the base fabric in order to decorate it. However, both the techniques are even crafted with machine these days.

Here are a few pictures to demonstrate how patch work and appliqué look like.


By-Jane Hopkins
By-Alternative Windows
By-Dont Look Now
By-Cray Berry Creek
By-Oh Fransson
By-Kathy Mcneil Quilts
By- Sandra Leichner
By-Image Made In China
By- Kids and Cribs
By-Lemon Tree Tales
By- Etsy