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Hey Everyone,

Oriental Spirit is a theme that carries a distinct appeal that looks luxurious and unconventional. The inspiration for the theme is derived from cultural and oriental motifs and has been transformed for a fresh look. Colors also play a great role in bringing novel modification to the idea. The palette comprises an enthusiastic mix of vibrant hues along with some pastel tones. The fabrics that can be used in this theme are the ones with unusual and lavish appeal.

This theme uses oriental designs in several different ways as it is easy to incorporate these motifs into patterns that have a multicultural voice. Such designs are known to be incorporated into affluent design collections as these generate an idea of being upscale and up market.

LOOK: Magnificent, opulent, eccentric, luxurious and unconventional

COLORS: Sunset hues mixed with blush tones

FABRICS: Silk, Linen, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool

Below are some examples of interiors ( via that carry oriental style of design, but with today’s taste.



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