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Spring/Summer 2015 Trends: Beach/Swimwear/Lingerie Fabrics/Accessories

Maredimoda, a fair for beach wear and intimate fabrics, is an event scheduled on Nov 5th to 7th, 2013 at Cannes. Here is a preview of the Spring/Summer 2015 trends for the season by David Shah and the View Team that tells us all about the future fabrics, patterns, colors and silhouettes.

TRAVEL AROUND: It is Spring 2015 and we finally look up, blinking and disorientated, from our screens. We suddenly realise what we have been missing out on in our digital life and really need to do – and that’s travel! We seek intense experiences in real or magical settings; we jump at the idea of escapist worlds, of heightened or dream-like reality.

travel around

Each of the six fashion trends for 2015 takes us to a place, real or imagined, past or future. Once there, we can immerse ourselves in the spirit of the locality and through that intense experience find energy and optimism to bring colour back into our lives.

All four beachwear trends are light hearted and playful: Hollywood Pool is glamorous, the place for our inner diva; Art Colony is a place of vibrant, art school creativity; Vintage Beach finds us in nostalgic Sicily; and Atlantis is the magical, mysterious world of Neptune’s daughters.

The first of the two lingerie chapters finds us in Fantasia, a place of futuristic glamour, strange and extroverted, where we have free rein to encounter everything wonderful whereas the other, Montmartre, is Paris, just as Toulouse Lautrec was painting his nightlife scenes.

It is the inspiration to change that all these places convey to us; the memories we bring home alter our lives.


These are the places where the jet set congregate – poolside, cocktail glass in manicured hand, looking spectacular. From Monte Carlo to Beverly Hills, Las Vegas to Bollywood, the glitterati celebrate the summer season (and their toned and well-groomed bodies) in extravagant and exciting style. With the confident nonchalance of movie stars, these divine beings shimmer and sparkle in golden metallic swimsuits, bejewelled and accessorized. Others parade in vintage floral, structured beachwear, while the more sultry prowl, languidly in wildlife-patterned, sensual swimwear. Dress code for the event: fabulous!


Fabrics: The fabrics alone proclaim luxury. Polished satin in golden and metallic iridescent shades or shiny jacquard woven designs are embellished with rhinestones, sequins or metallic sparkle; jacquards, brocades and shot-silk fabrics glow in jewel-rich shades. Technology plays its part, paying homage to glamour with laser cut scalloping and holographic glitter.

Patterns: With skilful mastery, tried-and-true glamorous patterns, vintage floral designs and wildlife zebra and tiger stripes are used alongside oriental kitsch and sparkling stars: these are the timeless backdrop to refreshed colours and garment design. Gradient colouring, holographic and iridescent finishing effects bring all these motifs up to the moment.

Colors: A luxury palette of gold and silver or empowering black and white; Schiaparelli pinks combine with iridescent or shiny, pale blues and opalescent lime.

Silhouettes: This is where beach and swimwear meets the red carpet: the look is ultra-feminine and seductive with the body corseted and remodelled to optimise shape. Drape and gathering combine to accentuate glamour as outfits are layered with pin-up style cover-ups. Accessories and jewels complete the look. Swimming is not on the agenda!


This is a young look, clever and creative, that takes swimwear forward by pushing the boundaries of shape and colour. Intellectual, free wheeling play on Pop Art graphics and Roy Lichtenstein cartoons, combined with an adventurous use of technical fabrics leads to surprising and eye-catching designs with energizing graphics. The experimentation continues as astonishing breakthroughs in digital printing allow luminous, kaleidoscopic colour effects, multi-layered patterns, metallic finishes and unique garments. This is the future and it is in glorious Technicolor!


Fabrics: Fabrics are technical and sporty, they need to perform in the water; surfaces are compact and matt, an effective base for 3D printing effects. Moulding and heat-set relief effects add 3D qualities and garment shaping, while laser cutting, plissés and pleats add femininity. Contrasting these fabrics, there are giant meshes and translucent, cellophane-like veils, all very futuristic and eye-catching.

Patterns: The pattern story plays with geometric Op Art designs, often in black and white; they are tessellated, layered or super-sized allowing the fabric, once cut, to produce unique garments. To this, we add a celebration of colour science, where pure colours glow in wild brush strokes, floral effects and refracted liquid-looks, and photographic, colour heightened prints are blurred or pasted one over another to create tromp l’oeil surface effects.

Colors: An exploding rainbow of fully saturated shades with unreal fluorescence and phosphorescent brights, luminous white or black as a backdrop.

Silhouettes: Garments are architectural, sculptural and streamlined; experimental tailoring is used to create a more covered look, geometric design plays a key role. Accessories are technical. Spectacular, colour celebrating prints require simple, understated garment styles. Swimwear is functional with print adding the shape; slashes, cuts and mesh layered over print add interest.


 The sound of crickets and the shimmering heat of the afternoon: Sicily, with it’s sunburned colours, brightly painted fishing boats, folk traditions and crafts is a constant source of inspiration. Nostalgic memories of family trips to sunny destinations flood back to warm us. Traditional ceramics, vintage fabrics and heritage crafts all celebrate the climate and lifestyle and, as we gear up for the wild fiesta of the Brazilian 2016 Olympics, the passion and colour of Latin America calls!


Fabrics: Fabrics respect the vintage feel with fresh, dry cotton looks or scarf-like, flowing silk. Space dyed or pre-faded yarns are used for Missoni-style knits or macramé effects. Faded denim or broderie anglaise fabrics have naïve embroidery, fringing and child-like appliqué to accentuate their craft-like appeal. Exuberant pompons, beading and decoration make this hot-country celebration wear.

Patterns: From the simple, fresh checks and stripes of traditional Latin American rugs to the full baroque swirl of vintage souvenir scarves and Mediterranean ceramics, patterns are loud and proud. Colour-woven, ethnic designs and motifs from vintage dresses serve as the base for handcrafted embellishment. Beach resort scenes, cravat designs and the use of flowers in menswear suggest a gentle, tongue-in-cheek irony.

Colors: Sun-faded, warm brights on an off-white background capture the vintage spirit, giving centre stage to bold, ceramic blues, reds and yellows.

Silhouettes: The dance rhythms of the samba and tarantella are celebrated in these silhouettes full of gathers, ruffles, flouncy frocks and circle skirts. What visitors to Sicily in the 1950s wore now inspires us: high-waisted briefs, knotted bandeaux tops, corsets and patterned shorts, all unashamedly feminine. Swimwear is matched with fresh cotton shirts for women and men alike.


Let’s dive into the lost civilization of Neptune’s daughters: a fantasy underwater world where the sound track features the muffled rush of bubbles and lapping water and the scenery is dreamy and ghost-like with rippling reflections, shadows and diffused glow. The story involves fantastic creatures, seahorses and mermaids, with pearlescent scales and flowing, iridescent hair. Light is bent and reflected, all is gentle and relaxing. How we would love to float and glide in this sensual otherworld, breathing slowly, underwater.


Fabrics: Featherweight fabrics drape around the body like seaweed. Transparent voiles and refined mesh add depth to the water. Lace is as coarse as fishing nets or as delicate as coral. Relief surface effects re-create iridescent fish scales and embellishments grow on the fabrics just as they do in rock pools. Jewellery has an organic quality, what better than pearls from the deep?

Patterns: Fabric patterns mimic the dazzling reflections of dancing light on the sea’s surface with foils and metallic sheen, or dive deep to re-create underwater worlds of corals and anemones using fringes and blurred prints. Organic lace prints and designs of fish scales and scallops form the underwater landscape, while soft water reflections are created with sequins, patchwork and tattoo-like prints.

Colors: Underwater, shimmering shades of oceanic blue. The cool pearl and sparkling silver of fish scales contrast with pale gold, warm reflections of sunshine.

Silhouettes: This is swimwear for a mermaid princess: second skin, body hugging, dramatically simple forms that include long-sleeved leotards and leggings. Imagine eveningwear for an underwater ball featuring sensual pareos and veils that create regal impact. These simple forms are lavishly adorned with dramatic prints and embellishments that seem to grow like coral.


How will seduction take place in the future? We take all we know of the mysterious arts of temptation and apply hi-tech wizardry to perform alchemy. The result is a surreal, futuristic imaginary world, where all we know of traditional allure is present but altered, fantastical and shadowy. With their ravishing theatricality, these future goddesses are alluring and extraordinary. They provoke and entice in a whirl of low-lit cosmic burlesque.


Fabrics: Hi-tech meets passion and the collision brings forth fabrics that glow with rich colour depth and resonance; amongst them are metallic polished satins, plush velours and flocks. Lively marls and shot-silk effects add depth to the fabric surface. Decorations and trims are the seducer’s secret weapon: embroidery, lace, beads and sequins all add richness and uniqueness. Transparency, too, has its allure.

Patterns: Embellishment and ornament are key features in the seductive toolbox. Here, sophisticated digital prints add exotic mystery, transporting the wearer to other worlds and times. Prints of surreal scenes, fantasy landscapes, ‘hand-tinted’ effects and rich colour gradients all combine to create a new, ravishing muse.

Colors: The whole energetic family of seductive reds, with rich, metallic copper and silver glints and gleams.

Silhouettes: Futuristic seduction for divas and goddesses requires dramatic shapes and fabric drape to contour and accentuate the body. Experimental cuts with ruched and gathered elements create the base onto which transparent veils and sheer fabrics are layered with theatrical verve. Finishings and trims work to highlight curves and femininity. The future is ravishing!


We are conjured back in time to the belle-époque of Toulouse Lautrec’s Montmartre, the bohemian area of Paris, full of dancers, painters and nightlife. Painter’s models met artists and artists met dancers, who were also ladies of the night! Lingerie was romantic, pretty and lavish, a nostalgic tribute to the luxury of the French court. Turn of the century Parisian lifestyle inspired nightclub shows, creating a frivolous look of seductive layers, where flesh was rarely seen.


Fabrics: Nostalgic fabrics require traditional-look fibres such as soft cotton, cream-touch, knitted viscose and kimono silk. Industrial skills are celebrated in the openwork raschel lace, tulle and jacquard silk touch weaves. The elegant top note to this heady perfume is the attention given to refined finishings, trims and buttons.

Patterns: Embroidery, cross-stitch and carefully placed flower patterns hark back to the belle-époque and work with traditional cotton shirting prints and weave effects. The spirit of the age is celebrated with toile de Jouy lace, Gobelin motifs and dobby effects. Texture is also woven into the fabrics in plissé and pin-tuck designs.

Colors: The oil and pastel retro palette of Lautrec, with softened mauves and rose pink pairs up with powdery, cosmetic skin tones and hot coral.

Silhouettes: A whirl of dancer’s skirts inspires rouching, pleating and gathering; corsetry, bustiers and camisoles in silk and satin are combined with cotton slip dresses and skirts. Elements of traditional bloomers can be seen in smock details and lace-trimmed cotton, but it is the fastenings, the buttons and ‘hooks and eyes’, that really transport us back to the old nightclubs of Paris.


Forecast Courtesy: Maredimoda

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