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Pantone View Home & Interior Trends 2015

Pantone’s view on Home and Interior trends for 2015 looks both promising and exciting as it evolves within the modus vivendi and lifestyles we all live through. Have a look.

Forecast Courtesy: Pantone

NEW HARMONIES: CHANGING THEMES IN COLOR/DESIGN TRENDS: For most consumers today, color and style coordination in home interiors is a consistent goal, but the old rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative guidelines and options. Lifestyle patterns and tastes are consistently evolving and so are the resulting forecasts that are spawning new harmonies in both color and design.

STYLE-SETTINGS: As high fashion is often a forerunner to styling for home furnishings in line, design, texture and color, the taste-making palette called Style-Setting is all about poise, finesse and polish. The elegance of the purple family adds a dramatic interplay against the classic mahoganies, off-whites, grays and taupes, along with subtly shimmering Frosted Almond and Champagne Beige.

Style Settings
Style Settings

ABSTRACTIONS: Abstractions releases the inner artist in each of us. Just as in the formulation of abstract art, styling might seem randomly gathered, forming a mosaic of differing shapes, many of them geometric. Colors like grape and apricot, dahlia red, stonewashed blue, hazel nut brown and vineyard green seem to come from equally disparate places, but when brought together create an artistic whole.


BOTANICUM: Botanicum is a palette lifted directly from the complexities of flora and foliage, forming intriguing groupings filled with succulent shadings of green and grape, and café au lait, most often counter-balanced with dusty or smoky tones of blue and orchid. When used together, a sophisticated, yet inherently natural palette emerges.


ZENSATIONS: The palette titled Zensations truly engages and heightens the senses as it displays a literal “enlightenment” by taking the thoughtful, meditative qualities of the blue and blue-green family to another more visceral level by adding to the palette a compelling red, an atmospheric green as well as sparkling silver and gold.


URBAN JUNGLE: An Urban Jungle transforms rustic chaos into something “civilized” and sylvan, speaking more of big city living than that of a wild terrain. Rather than consistently rough textured, contours are smoother and colors a combination of both typical and atypical jungle hues. Warm animal skin tones are set against the modernity of deep blue-greens, a vibrant greenish yellow, plus black and white.

Urban Jungle
Urban Jungle

TINTED MEDLEY: Tinted Medley is truly a harmonious composition of closely related, deliciously warm tones with peach and pink striking the main chord. Bellini, Apricot Wash, Peach Amber and Macadamia are compatible blends while powdered roses and yellows underscore and support the perfect pitch of an ethereal rosy-taupe.

Tinted Medley
Tinted Medley

PAST TRACES: Past Traces honors history in the home as, for many of us, holding on to some vestige of the past is deeply satisfying and reassuring. The look might range from gently worn to contemporized adaptations, still many of the colors with names like Pastel Parchment, Cameo Green, Faded Denim and Dusty Cedar capture a vintage feel.

Past Traces
Past Traces

SERENDIPITY: The literal meaning of Serendipity is “a pleasant surprise” or “a happy accident.” In the parlance of styling, it is the coming together of unlikely designs and unexpected colors. An outgoing orange engages cool eggshell blue, bright chartreuse is enhanced by a yellow gold and hot pink embraces a lofty scarlet, all under the watchful gaze of a Tiger’s Eye taupe.


SPONTANEITY: Irrepressible fun is what this palette called Spontaneity delivers. Just as the name implies, it is the stuff that spur of the moment, impulse buying is all about, with whimsical design and a unique “mash-up” of color mixtures a large part of the attraction. Happy hues of Sunkist Coral, Marigold and delicious Cantaloupe are complemented by the exuberance of Kelly Green and/or “quieted down” with floral accents of Hyacinth, Violet Quartz, Winsome Orchid or Misty Jade.




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Curtain Styles: Chic and Stylish

When we desire to change the look of our spaces in just a click, curtains are the way to go. With curtains, we can have both fashion and function combined into one and that too in a very easy going manner. The idea is to select hot patterns and cool trends with great styles and incorporate them in the most voguish way. Let’s have a look at some of the most trendy curtain styles here.

Design Styles

Modern Designs – Simple & Distinct

Most of us desire to live in a modern, upgraded, distinct and stylish home; a home that suits our lifestyle, profession and taste. Since we are talking of lifestyle and taste, it is important to understand what we like and what we don’t, what suits our personality and what needs avoidance. Homes with a modern design have some very distinct features that make them look modern and trendy.

Let us check out a few pictures below that explain what modern designs stand out for. You may scroll down (below the pictures) to check out the features that make a modern design distinct from all other types of designs.

Picture Courtesy: Decodir, Home-Designing, Home Renovation Tips and Housevira

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Let us now discuss what the above pictures depict.

  1. The two most distinct features that make up a modern design home are Minimalism and Technology. Minimalism because modern homes are supposed to be simple, clutter free and also less ornamental. Talking of technology, modern homes comprise the best of technology in terms of products and outlook.
  2. Modern designs must reflect futurism and great functionalism. Futurism to feature an advance perspective and functionalism emphasizing on utility and purpose.
  3. Materials used in a modern design are often man-made. Such spaces have a very stereotypical steel, glass and concrete look with smooth and sleek finishes.
  4. Modern design colors mainly lean towards neutral. If you wish to create a modern home, use neutral colors with some bold and bright accents.
  5. Solids, stripes, geometrical and abstracts make for some great modern textures and patterns for modern spaces.
  6. Most modern homes have open spaces and high ceilings. Space to furniture ratio needs to be appropriate too. Furniture should be simple, usually vinyl cushioned, brushed metal and plastics. The storage areas are supposed to be well defined too, so that the house is well-kept.
  7. Spotlights and visual impacts are important, hence lighting should be good too. A variety of lights should be used in modern homes.
  8. Modern spaces should possess an artistic flair, everything should be eclectic, avant-garde and modern in design and approach. Nothing should be overdone.
Color Trends & Ideas

Power of Green: Pantone’s Webinar on Color of the Year 2013- EMERALD

The BUZZ has begun. Buzz around Emerald… Pantone’s Color of the Year 2013, everyone wants to know why and how Emerald came to be pronounced as the most fashionable color for the coming year. I buzz…why not?

The most desired and sought after color happens to be Pantone’s color of the year, each year. So does that make Emerald the most happening color in demand? Well, certainly!

Looking at the manifestations of what we get to see in the world we live in, socially, emotionally, visually…Green is definitely what anyone would consider the best choice, keeping in mind the justified anxious concerns of global warming and Earth conservation.

Image Courtesy: “Power of Green” Webinar by Pantone

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Why just design, I think from fashion to beauty, from home to food, every industry is trying to make a clear choice and inculcating all sorts of green practices. Every industry wishes to capitalize on great psychological traits of this trendy color and incorporate it in their latest product line. So let us all take it a step further, get hold of our responsibility and make some delightful lifestyle choices.

Thinking of the green revolution, Pantone wanted to have a suitable green to serve as their most stylish and trendy color for 2013, and looking around and observing great brands, a team of global color experts could see it everywhere. From interiors to runways, from cosmetics to visual merchandise, Emerald started pulling the team’s attention many seasons ago. From food menus to designer stuff, from high-end jewellery to influential make-up brands, Emerald appeared everywhere….even green hair made its way in the fashion and style arena, a kind of short lived fashion of the 1960’s, a hip-hop style, that took pride in its extreme looks. Emerald is also making its presence felt  in the kitchen, housewares and table stories…so on and so forth.

8 9 12 15 16

Chevy has offered up its new Emerald Camero as a 2013 alternative to the Jaguar’s ticket price that requires a whole different category of green.


From historic annals to Renaissance paintings, from the most exciting influences of the 20th century, Pantone derived its inspiration for the color Emerald from a lot of things. From the Cubist works of art in the 20’s, to the 30’s release of innovative Technicolor film version of The Wizard of Oz; from Edward Hopper’s paintings of the 40’s, to the first flourishing style of Indian influence in the 60’s; from the 80’s when Ralph Lauren pitched his hat into the designing orbit to restore and revive Emerald as the most sought-after trend….to the 90’s color influence where Emerald green transformed into citrusy greens…Emerald held tight its influence everywhere. It was in the 2000’s that darker and deeper greens came into much extensive use. It was an Emerald green that Steve Jobs chose as the green member of his jewel tone showcase of apple G3 computers.

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And today when we are entering 2013, Emerald again happens to catch everyone’s imagination….so let us all live in the moment and celebrate the color by thinking green today…Think Green- Think Emerald!