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Lenzing Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Every year Lenzing releases color trends for fashion and home which are extremely important for all designers and stylists. Here are some inputs on the same for the Spring/Summer of 2012.


Be honest
What you make, how you make it, how you use it…………… how you get rid of it – consumers demand transparency in all steps from the conception of a product to the disposal – or even better – how it’s reborn to a new form or product. Don’t try with ‘green-laundering’ any more.

Be happy
Think ‘out of the box’ whenever creating and re-using, re-use puts a smile on your face; it’s lovely that so much creativity is going on out there.

Be sensitive
Designing moves from intelligent to sensitive. ‘Compassion by design’ is the catchphrase when approaching consumers. Brainpower is at the core.

Be proud
In the schools of the most progressive 3rd world help organizations, uniforms are reminiscing local traditions, not Western European dress code. Thus they avoid cultural imperialism, and the local kids are endowed with self-esteem. More than ever education is in focus.

Be human
Once again, design is conceived as a social matter, a skill rooted in humanism.


Image Courtesy: Lenzing

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