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Honeysuckle (Pantone18-2120) –A Captivating Color Trend

While our homes still look awesome in Turquoise, the color of the year 2010 by Pantone Inc., its already time to install Honeysuckle, the color of 2011 by Pantone. The advantage of using this new fashionable color is that it can be coupled up with a lot of colors leading to easy makeover of any space and closet too. It is bright and less sugary than the original pink which makes it ideal for use in various ways.

Here are some picture ideas for home decor and fashion.

(By-Vie At Home)

(By-Not on the High Street)

(By-Debenhams Scene7)


(By-Kitchen Details and Design)

(By-Massucco Warner Miller)

(By-Luxe + Lillies)


(By-Sugar Monster)

(By-House Beautiful)




(By-Emporio Armani)

Honeysuckle takes on a mesmerizing sophistication all through, be it any space or apparels. It is here to make a statement of fabulous richness when used dramatically as a strong bold color or when used in small areas to create a delicate look.




Color of the Year 2011- Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120)

Greetings to all!

Red happens to be the liveliest hue in the color spectrum. Honeysuckle is a derivative of red. It is here to stay in 2011 as the most fashionable color.

Designers and stylists all over the world consider Pantone Colors and Pantone Color Chart as a universal color system to decide on every major color criteria. Pantone Inc. recently declared Pantone 18-2120 Honeysuckle as its color of the year 2011.

Honeysuckle is a glamorous color – a pulsating reddish pink which is heartening and inspiring. It is a color with a lot of dynamism, vigor and character. It has the power to captivate our mood and elate our psyche. It is bold and audacious, confident and vital. It brings in a dynamic burst of oomph and liveliness to uplift our spirits in times of stress.

To me, Honeysuckle is a happy and festive color which is very stimulating and captivating.  Somewhere it makes me feel nostalgic too as I am reminded of gone by days of fun and frolic.

2011 will see Honeysuckle becoming a part of every color scheme. From fashion color schemes to home fashion color schemes, it will show up as a major in all paint color schemes, interior color schemes, exterior color schemes, etc.

Being a Textile Designer for Fashion and Home, I would particularly like to use it both as a bold color and also as an accent color to bring life to barren and drab ambiance. It will definitely dominate most of my product development decisions in the upcoming seasons.

Below are some images to illustrate the input of Honeysuckle (Pantone 18-2120).

By- Sugar Monster

By- Judith Balis

By- Shelly Riehl David

By- Ehomee

By- Latimes

By- Thelennoxx

By- Custom Draperies

Décor your space with Honeysuckle this season to welcome 2011 in a bright and lively way.


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