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Color Schemes for Christmas 2010 Décor

Hey Everyone,

Most people respond more strongly looking at colors instead of designs. When designs are not very outstanding, it is the colors that play the most important role in achieving focus.

Over the years, Christmas décor has seen some very common hues like red, blue, green, white, black, gold and silver which happen to hold their place this year too. Today’s post will give you a glance into some hot combinations of these colors in right proportions.

Below are some color schemes for a fresh new Christmas Décor for 2010.



Why I love Design Sponge!

Hey Everyone!

For a very long time I’d been thinking of telling you all  about one of my favorite blogs – I think I spend more than an hour each day reading their posts.

From trends to before and after styles, DIY projects to established design studios, it offers immense reading and browsing which not only adds to the knowledge base on the subject but also motivates me to the core. I feel deeply interested in knowing about each and every project that they do or associate themselves with.

It is a daily website managed by Grace Bonney and focuses on “design for all” concept. The website generally showcases attractive designs and attention-grabbing houses which are not very pricey too. With a daily broadcast of 6-10 posts, it provides remarkable reading and ample knowledge updating for a designer or an individual concerned in making his/her space alluring.

The website has been featured in a lot of well known magazines and newspapers, viz., The New York Times, California Home + Design, Forbes, In Style, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Weddings, etc..

Below is a DIY video in which Grace tells how to make your own upholstered head board at home.

Here are some of their beautiful DIY projects that I really like.

Wedding Paper Divas

Wedding Paper Divas By Design Sponge


Lanterns By Design Sponge

DIY Lanterns

DIY Lanterns By Design Sponge

Last year Grace announced her most important project of releasing a hard cover book in Fall/Winter2010. Here is the link to this special announcement –

I also like the mini trends that Design Sponge brought across in the past. They were not only informative but quite helpful to bring in small design alterations in one’s space.


Ombre - Mini Trend By Design Sponge


Purple - Mini Trend By design Sponge

Kelly Green

Kelly Green - Mini Trend By Design Sponge

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