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CIFF Kids: Spring/Summer- 2013

Trend Descriptions Spring/Summer 2013:

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair recently released its fresh trends and concepts for KID’S WEAR, for the season of Spring/Summer 2013. Check the forecast below for trend descriptions on patterns, colors and design that would rule during next year.

Forecast Courtesy: CIFF


Equestrian, Burned, Leather, Dust, The Pampas, Matador, Tailoring

The Gaucho kid is like the Sundance Kid: searching for a sunny lifestyle with beautiful horses, beautiful women and beautiful freedom. And just like the Kid is a gentleman and a criminal, our Gaucho trend is full of contradictions like lace and leather, bright and burned colors, Mexico and the Midwest, gringos and cowboys, high drama and a quiet, simple life. Not simple as in cheap, but as in quality: maroon leather ages with beauty, and the best wool will last forever. In Gaucho, men and women dress alike in felt hats and tuff belts, knitted vests and white shirts with rolled-up sleeves. No one leaves home without a scarf. The color scheme stretches from light beige to dark mahogany combined with crisp white, dusty purple, denim blue and bright red and the atmosphere is a proud, honest and Silverado way of living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Olé!


Surf, Denim, Prints, Washed colors, Boardwalk, Pinball, Cruising

Life is orange in Venice 79′. Love is in the air, and the surfer dudes are in the water, searching for the ultimate ride on the mavericks offshore. The shorts are short, the hair is long and the bubblegum tastes like watermelon. It is a high-five way of living, the age of innocence and a never-ending California dream. It is hot, hot summer nights wearing soft yellow, minty green, and purple like the electric sky, and it is light blue like the light mornings and warm grey like melting asphalt on long, lazy Sunday afternoons. So put on a colorful viper and bring out the fun and games for a disco day with friends, waves and roller-skating on the boardwalk. Venice 79′ is the days of our lives.


White shirts, Laid back, Garden play, Jackets, Straw hats, Laced dresses, Sophisticated, Gentleman sports

Like The Great Gatsby or the opening scene in Alice in Wonderland, Aunt Augusta’s Summer House is all about white dresses and polo shirts, charlatans and secrets, upstairs and downstairs, manners and misbehaving. The House is full of romantic memories, the furniture is kept in soft, shaded colors and it smells like rose leaves or bluebells or freshly ironed Egyptian cotton sheets. Outside in the garden, the girls are giggling and their soft hair is brushed every night with a hundred strokes. Today it is braided and topped with a silk bow or Aunt Augusta’s infamous flower garlands. The ladies wear laced dresses and straw hats with white ribbons. The gentlemen wear jackets with a vest and a white shirt. It is the same procedure as last year at Aunt Augusta’s Summer House – with afternoon tea served in the garden, laid-back conversations and a game of croquet. Aunt Augusta’s family is one of great fun and great traditions.


Outdoors, Technical, Repellent, Humidity, Camouflage, Mangrove, Functionality

It is hot and humid in the jungle. The Range Rover has a spare wheel and the boots are practical because you never know what to expect in the forest of the unknown. When exploring the jungle, looking for rare species of flowers and animals, the right gear is of utmost importance. The backpacks are waterproof and camouflaged, the khaki jackets and vests have numerous pockets for holding extra knifes, band aid and the antidote for poisonous snake bites. The jungle explorer knows his life depends on what he wears, so the materials are tough, the cuts practical, the colors low-key and the prints imitate the animals he is searching for. It is a hunt for fun and games and it takes place in a danger zone of dark waters and impassable tracks. We set our special watches: it is time to go and explore!

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CIFF Trends: Autumn/Winter 2012

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair recently released its fresh trends and concepts for the Autumn/Winter of 2012. The approach to design this time is classic, effortless, close to nature, retro and somewhat supreme.

Check the forecast below for an absolute picture on patterns, colors and design that would rule during the end of this year.

Forecast Courtesy: CIFF

NEW ROMANTICS: It’s a candy colored world for picture perfect ladies and gentlemen

Color: New Romantics

A whimsical air of youthful charm surrounds the New Romantics. Delicate pastels and vibrant acid nuances take centre stage in a fairy tale universe of frivolity and young romance, while buoyant silhouettes and ultra-light materials highlight a fresh elegance. A classic approach to dressing is seen in clear-cut, dainty shapes for women, which revisit the sophistication of Mid-Century smartness. It is a macaroon-colored world of magic and grace. On the men’s side, a quietly rebellious 1960s spirit meets the playfulness of 1920s summer attire and sees the creation of a refined young gentleman with a worldly edge and a penchant for camel.

Men: New Romantics
Women: New Romantics

WILD THINGS: For the natives of the Earth, nature is a walk-in wardrobe

Color: Wild Things

A longing for the natural is what drives the Wild Things. Blues are likened to the ocean and the sky, while the greys and whites of mountains make out a calm palette base. Chunky knits pay homage to the nomads of the north, while the warm colors of South American tribal wear appear on prints and patterns. An effortless approach to dressing is seen on the women’s side where the swathing of cozy materials around the body is key. The use of leathers and furs cements the natural feeling. Performance wear is the focal point for our man, who adopts the bohemian and sporty sense of styling of a modern-day traveler.


Men: Wild Things
Women: Wild Things

RETRO MANIACS: The rebels of today apply some beats to the swinging 60s

Color: Retro Maniacs

The free-spirited, upbeat minds of the Retro Maniacs give them their distinct sense of style. Multiple multi-colored prints embody their universe and pay tribute to the patterns of the 1960s. A rebellious attitude is evident in the reworking of classic silhouettes and a re-imagined celebration of the old. Burgundy, auburn and mustard play tag with tartans and tweeds in an utterly British sense of styling. The arty nature of our woman is exemplified in a quirky attitude to dresses and skirts, which appears both boyish and Boho chic, while in the men’s division, the mood is set for mod.

Men: Retro Maniacs
Women: Retro Maniacs

 SEVENTY SOMETHINGS: Throw a little glitter on it with the evening’s finest crowd

Color: Seventy Somethings

A sense of 1970s glamor and sophistication rules supreme for our Seventy Somethings. Deep purples and reds are contrasted with black, gold and orange in the shimmer of disco balls and cocktail rings, while striking silhouettes are cut in the sumptuous materials of evening dresses and tailored suits. These are the lounge lovers of the luxury world. Studio 54 is the backdrop for our dazzling queens of the night, who sparkle in sequins, fur and killer heels. A sexy air of ruggedness describes our cosmopolitan playboy, who values double-breasted suits, roll necks and a smart sports car above all.

Men: Seventy Somethings
Women: Seventy Somethings


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Men’s Wear Trends –Spring Summer 2012 by CIFF

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair presents Spring/Summer 2012 collection for Men’s Wear with a fresh and rejuvenating feeling for the upcoming season. The trends, colors and silhouettes define the great vibes that are chic and sensational. Check out their trends below.

Forecast Courtesy: CIFF

New Edge: In New Edge, we represent a strong desire for modern shapes that we would like to be pure yet sensual. This modern outlook offers a radically simple, minimal aesthetics found appealing once again, updating an idea of classicism and timelessness. Between a search for original purity and the redefinition of shapes, we identify the contours of a new frame of reference. Highly stylized, shapes and lines are defiantly structured or erased to leave room for a comfortable ergonomy with generous, envel­oping, air-conditioned fullness. We draw strength from the desert, a fasci­nation for expanses without borders and opt for timeless eroded denim and sediment-like fabric effects.

Technicolor Summer: This is a call for pure relaxation, cheerfulness and vacationing : a joyous escape from everyday life. Take up the colors of summer and the codes of seductiveness and give them a joyful spin, without fear of being over the top. We play Summer clichés “to the hilt “ between jet-set opulence sultry seduction and impetuous glamour of the Happy Hour. Or opt for a California cool, coloring the preppy look with show-off humor, and play­ing with beachwear and American casual wear to concoct a smart relaxed look. Summer once again has a mythical attraction!

Soft Alternative: Start dreaming of a more gentle connection with time, of a return to a more authentic existence. Between pragmatic realism – a better qual­ity of life, sustainable and local consumption – and fantasized idealism – the dream of a simple and fair life, of authentic values … Enchanted authentics offers a continuation of the slow movement, but has a more elaborate and richer artisanal edge. It is a celebration of generosity, gen­tleness, richness and consistency and a desire to rediscover a refined, long-forgotten savoir-faire and seek graceful sensuality with old-fash­ioned charm. Compose a refreshing romanticism, without naiveté. Like a wistful collector, list the outfits of forgotten trades and crafts or prefer endearing and dainted touches for an enchanting bucolic mood.

Urban Jungle: A sign of the times, Urban Jungle reflects the need for a strong, daring, imposing, confident attitude to better integrate and confront the intense, everyday life of the city. Effervescence, high performance, hectic rhythms and survival of the fittest …To evolve everyday in urban environments which slowly mutate into urban jungles, we take inspiration from the fan­tastic, primitive forest: intense and wild, it symbolizes a thirst for survival and revives a dynamic, energizing primal force. Prints mimic and explore a rich Equatorial wildlife in luxurious camouflages or take inspiration and graphic strength from indigenous traditions.

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Autumn/Winter 2011 Trends for Kids by CIFF

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair is one of the most famous fashion events in Europe. The next season of the event will take place from August 4th-11th 2011. Below are the Autumn/Winter 2011 Trends for Kids’s Fashion by CIFF.

World Remix:

Courtesy- CIFF

The trend relates to current attitudes towards nomadology and mixing. It is a rich and modern story of human transmission and endurance.

Between yesterday’s pioneer and today’s migrant, population movements and cultural interactions have never ceased to intensify and accelerate. Globalisation has helped us realize the tremendous diversity and riches of this “world culture” that merges with notions of a positive and sustainable future. Like a long human saga of transmission, wanderlust and endurance, “Nomadology” and “Hybrid-age” are re-infused with meaning and essence.

In World Remix, we integrate all world cultures and rediscover the pioneer workwear for sustainable functionality.


Courtesy- CIFF

The trend creates an essential imaginary parenthesis. A strange world of chimerical softness and galactic surges, where we are suspended between the year 1000 and an uncertain future.

Once upon a time, living the natural life of frugal simplicity and unassuming beauty… a return to the source of neo-Shaker or Pre-raphaelite neo-romanticism, of a symbiosis with flora and fauna.This enchanted “green” dream of softness and freshness inspires urbanites tired of the fast track and Junk life. We want to infuse, in our lives, some utopia, ecological adventure and rethink our relationship to nature in an exploding muffled, timeless world, a precurser of things to come. This is a prelude to a new movement.

To be in harmony with one’s surroundings is essential. Nature inspires our way of life and adds poetry and softness to the wardrobe.

Gold Medallist:


The trend re-infuses meaning to standard references.

Classicism becomes a compelling force and provides an opportunity to innovate. Because it is bold, majestic and charismatic…classicism is ideally up-to-date. It offers benchmarks for building, recomposing and boldly reviving self-confidence and true elegance, those that are based on know-how, knowledge and experience. A focus on classics with a radically contemporary and modern translation, allowing for offbeat and eccentric variations.

Hunting, horse riding, college and British traditions inspire our search for new key standards.



The trend refocuses on an active and empathetic utopia, on co-production, on simple, sustainable and appealing solutions.

Make way for the community spirit, collective action and creative collaborations…for a dynamic and solidarity-based utopia that will rebuild social ties and turn passive consumers into imaginative co-producers. This new generation of pragmatic altruism believes in the energising power of enthusiasm, seeks simple, sustainable, alternative, local, fair and appealing solutions that aren’t swamped in artificial lecturing and ideology. Basic, human and atypical solutions that are made for all those who have accepted the constraints of the modern world but tale it with a dose of humor and hedonism.

With Eco-optimistic, we reinvent daily life by using color in a pragmatic and simple way. It offers a new aesthetic for an easy and casual wardrobe, for those who balance environmental responsibilities and playfulness.