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Launching my clothing range: Design Rhapsody

The name “Design Rhapsody” represents an exuberant expression of beauty manifested in our designer clothing. Originality inspires us and quality defines us. Our mission is to bring out your best look via our range of elegant casual clothing.

We are based in New Jersey, USA.

Design Rhapsody was born in the Spring of 2018 with a passion to combine quality with style and to create comfortable yet fun clothing that everyone can relate to. Our products are designed in USA and crafted by the dextrous artisans in India.

Our aim is to make alluring and timeless products while caring for our environment and that is why all our products are made in cotton and cotton rich blends. We have a strong commitment towards sustainable and ethical business practices that reduce environmental impact.

Coming soon is my exclusive range of home fashion products, so stay tuned!

Come join us in our journey! Do visit our website Design Rhapsody



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Spin Expo Spring Summer 2017 Trends

Spin Expo, A leading textile exhibition for yarns and fibres, knitwear and knitted fabrics, has a beautiful forecast for SS 2017.

Forecast Courtesy- Spin Expo

Trend Summary: The trends for SPIN EXPO Spring/Summer2017 were presented on three creative platforms; SPIN EXPLORE, SPIN EXCLUSIVE and SPIN ACTIVE. The SPIN EXPLORE area showcased the breath of the spinners collections, with the knitted swatches created by design consultants displayed in the ve trend and color directions that were presented at the show; Segmented Whites, Martial Arts, Brocade, Cuba & Marine and Candy Crush. SPIN EXCLUSIVE featured the work of independent designers who created special pieces for our Spring show that highlighted the versatility and beauty of the spinners yarns while also working into the ve main trend directions presented at SPIN EXPO. The featured designers came from all over the globe and presented a wide range of skills and handcraft. SPIN ACTIVE is our exploration of active knitwear and was directed by Eva de Laat in partnership with Santoni.

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Color Trends & Ideas, Latest Trends-Fashion & Home Fashion

Color Pairings for Pantone Color of the Year 2017- Greenery

Greenery seems to be one of the most versatile hues that can be paired up alongside numerous other colors with a lot of ease.  I love the way Pantone has made the following color pairing for the hue.

Nature’s neutral, PANTONE Greenery is a versatile “trans-seasonal” shade that lends itself to many color combinations. As displayed in the 10 palettes below, Greenery is paired with neutrals, brights, deeper shades, pastels, metallics and even the enduring presence of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity. These palettes easily cross over fashion, beauty, product and graphic design applications.

Forecast Courtesy- Pantone

pantone-1 pantone-2 pantone-3 pantone-4 pantone-5 pantone-6 pantone-7 pantone-8 pantone-9 pantone-10

Latest Trends-Fashion & Home Fashion

Heimtextil Trends 2017

Just a few more days for Heimtextil 2017 and the Trend Table is all set to unravel the trends for the upcoming seasons, with the motto- Explorations.

The Heimtextil trend experts have examined the disciplines of retail, technology, hospitality, transport, work and home and made numerous new discoveries. The trend researchers are answering the ambitious call for exploration and the desire to tap into unknown worlds. Creative self-observation and the need to investigate and understand how people function also play an important role.

Forecast Courtesy- Heimtextil

Below are the themes that would be detailed out more elaborately during the event.

Virtual Explorations

virtual1 virtual2

Digital processes enable a new interpretation of transparency. Thanks to a mother-of-pearl-like shimmer, fabric is brought to life in a vibrant way. Films and silk are reminiscent of reflections in water thanks to dazzling holographic brilliance.

Extravagant floral patterns, embroidery, jacquards and lace dominate and give rise to astonishing fascination. A new form of digital exoticism is born. Structures from cell organisms inspire and convey a new understanding of 3D.

Organic-animal structures give technical materials a sensuous-poetic flexibility. Colours are lively and reminiscent of water.

Natural Explorations

natural1 natural2

The way to rediscovering urban aspects takes us through nature. The use of natural materials in industrial manufacturing processes is more contemporary now than ever before – not least out of respect for our planet.

But this isn’t enough: the interior is entering into a symbiosis with nature. Touch is dominated by natural fibre effects such as wood-like reliefs or bark structures. The materials make use of geometric elements in order to imitate the plant world.

Details from the animal world are incorporated with the help of textures. This gives rise to camouflage patterns, both original and finished, from the animal and plant world. Intensive green tones mix with colours inspired by tree bark and earth.

Planetary Explorations

planetary1 planetary2

In an unknown, interplanetary world, raw materials are used and the interior becomes a mineral itself. A new, magical brilliance is extracted from the materials, which are given protective characteristics.

From this wealth of materials arise material extracts and textures hitherto unknown. New wipe techniques form fine structures of mineral-like delicacy. The principle of controlled chances leads to new kinds of shading.

Deliberately voluminous materials are reminiscent of the surface of the moon and serve as soft, protective shells. The colour palette plays with light and dark and oscillates between bright white and ash-coloured tones.

Cultural Explorations

cultural1 cultural2

A new urban multiculturalism unfolds: various cultural influences merge to form a unique multinational in-culture.

This transformation can also be seen in interiors. A focus on particular cultures is increasingly disappearing. Traditional techniques are being modernised and merged together, resulting in highly modern and luxurious modifications.

Pigment colours merge with urban shades to form a universal ethnic look.