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Vibrant Voice of Color

In today’s time of ambitious schedule, vacations and travel have become more of a desire to achieve something than a mere thing of pastime and recreation. Global trends inspire people from the creative fields to come up with vivacious design and color stories based on their experience of travel and expression of creativity in the most unique way possible.

Today’s color inspiration comes from jewel inspired hues of Indian textiles and spice markets of the Middle East. Colors like pink of Bougainvillea, purple gem of Amethyst, green of Emerald, Fire Opal orange, Cinnabar red, Deep Coffee brown, Teal, Peacock blue, Saffron yellow, bronze and frosted gold, all impart opulence and grandeur through their vibrant voice of colors. Have a look.

Vibrant Voices of color

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  1. tanushrisinha #

    This is the color palette for S/S 2014 😀
    I love these colors!! They just bring out the spring in you.. 🙂

    March 18, 2014

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