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Kid’s Trends: Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

Trend Forecast Courtesy: Trend Bible


TheLongestDay1 TheLongestDay2

The Longest Day draws on everything there is to love about the last lingering days of summer. Meadow gardens that spill without boundaries into woodland provide the inspiration for this story. Autumnal florals are mixed with vegetable and berry references. Elderberries, chestnuts, clover and rhubarb motifs dictate print directions, and are combined with deer, rabbits and toadstools in this strange and wonderful garden.

Mixing contrasting elements like two and three dimensions or taking indoor objects like lampshades into the outdoors adds an element of quirky playfulness in this story. Leafy green colours are mixed with softer nude pinks and peach tones. Hints of 1950s modernism can be seen in retro furniture shapes and print inspiration. It is this mix of old and new treasures, like flower presses, hand made lace, polka dots, glass flowers, Midwinter pottery, graphic stripes and illustration that gives a sense of childish freedom to this trend.


Pioneer1 Pioneer2

Pioneer embraces the simplicity of life on the ranch, where working the land and herding cattle provides rich inspiration. This story romanticises the classic American cowboy, at a time when the appetite for nostalgia, folklore and legend is growing for parents and kids alike. Authentic, hand-made products have a new audience, so look out for rustic and raw materials taking inspiration from hopsacks, chalk boards and tin plates.

Hardwearing fabrics like pale denim, cowboy plaids and canvas move from fashion to lifestyle accessories while soft, shaggy faux furs and chunky hand-knits work well for blankets. Leather trims inspired by saddles and riding tack are incorporated into toys and product design. Wolves, wild horses and eagles are featured in toys and in naive child-like textile prints, alongside hand-rendered typography. Print references include prairie florals, ropes, cowboy characters and grazing prairie animals.


Supergeek Supergeek2

As educators begin to embrace a more holistic approach to education and play, playtime crosses over into the classroom and even the workplace! Supergeek is a tongue-in-cheek take on the adult office, embracing a fun approach to work as kids are encouraged to embrace their inner-geek. Growing up bright is the focus, where we ask ourselves; what would the office of a 5 year old look like? Here we borrow stereotypes from the adult world like geek-chic cardigans, heavy framed spectacles and stripe neckties, which are referenced in print, pattern and toy designs.

This story also nods to Clark Kent and superhero characters which continue to appear on our cinema screens. Capes, comic-book style imagery and typography are important design directions for this trend. Pointillist patterns and pixelated graphics reminiscent of 80s album covers are key print motifs. Traditional tweeds, plaids and knits are given an update in bright colours, whilst hard goods are covered in bright papers, laminates and plastics.  Painted wooden cabinets and desks reference iconic 1960s office furniture.


Sea-Storm Sea-Storm2

With a growing awareness of the melting ice caps and changing habitats of the Arctic Circle, our Sea Storm trend explores the lives of land and sea animals in a surreal and enchanting fairytale. Changing temperatures have created unusual circumstances, where grizzly bears and polar bears find themselves sharing habitats and creating a new species known as ‘grolar bears’. This notion of new ‘hybrid species’ where fur meets feathers informs the character inspiration for this story.

Wild sea adventures in tiny fishing boats, shoals of fish and whales provide design direction for toys and textile prints. Illustration and texture is important in this graphic story. Volcanoes, icebergs, jagged rocks, cliff faces and mountain peaks are hand-sketched. A dramatic dark palette of moody blues and greys set the scene for this story with subtle nautical references that could inspire a more nostalgic seafaring angle. Raw and unpolished textures, natural fibres and block prints give this story a rustic yet charming personality.



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