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Tropical Décor

If you lead a modern day stressful life and look forward to experience some tranquility and peaceful solace, tropical décor is just meant for you. Exotic, attractive and relaxing, this style of décor has its own characteristic patterns, colors and design styles that make it look the way it is supposed to be. The overall effect is created with the use of various textures put together, lavish tones and abstruse impressions that give rise to a complete tropical comfort and aura.

Tropical décor is known to possess a perfect blend of remarkable colors like tan, beige, camel, off white, moss, avocado, etc. These colors can be easily blended with other colors and provide great contrast with dense and darker hues like reds and dark browns.

The characteristic patterns that make a décor look tropical are palm trees, bamboo, animal and bird prints, banana trees. Furniture made from natural materials like bamboo, rattan and wicker also add to the look.

Below are some pictures of tropical décor. Let’s get inspired!

decoist 1 decoist 2 decoist 4 decoist 5 decoist fancy home design 1 fancy home design

Picture courtesy: Decoist, Fancy Home Design

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