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Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Women’s Color Trends by Design Options

Double Take

Gold and sienna brown shades of unequivocal damsel and astute fashionista exemplify ambiguity on decorative panne velvet. Bold sequins and intricate beaded trim add lavish ingenuity to a canvas of sepia and misty rose hues. Pale mauve saturations of ostentatious mademoiselle indicate complexity on a backdrop of embellished noveltiesÉBecause one glance is never enough. . . Double Take.

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Model Movement

Olive and goldenrod hues of contemporary chic and rive gauche accentuate elongated silhouettes to create an illusion of endless space. Sepia and salmon shades coalesce with succinct rhythm and sharp propensity. Orange tones mingle with unrelenting suspicion to display a vast array of timeless innovation. Gracious and utterly sophisticated. . . Model Movement.

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Blue violet and aqua green shades of capricious awestruck saturate an unbounded backdrop of lavish satin fabrications. Greenish yellow tones of enthralled muse fuse effortlessly with lithe anticipation. Burnt Sienna and maroon saturations of enchantment and hypnotize resonate with splendid vivacity and endless fluidity. Passionately feminine with a sultry finish. . . Spellbound.

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  1. segmation #

    Nice blog! Who Creates Color Trends?

    May 25, 2013

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