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Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Color Trends for Young Men by Design Options

 Abstract Mode

Midnight blue and slate grey shades accentuate sharp edges to indicate modernistic perspectives. Mauve saturations meticulously weave a symmetrical construction of artistic ingenuity on a canvas of novelty wool fabrications. Subtle purple undertones meticulously fuse with flecks of silver to indicate an air of sublime craftsmanship. A precise depiction of imaginative design: Abstract Mode.

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Greener Pastures

Lush velvet green saturations of panorama scenery illuminate a setting of broadcloth and mohair fabric. Silver gray and sea green tones exude earthy notions while emphasizing prominent stitching on a canvas of striking appeal. Olive flecks join in perfect unison with turquoise to evoke ideals of countryside comfort. Murals of endless vistas and sophisticated originality: Greener Pastures.

3 4


Rugged Nature

Bright orange and forest green shades of unrefined gent and rustic cavalier emphasize elongated definitive lines on woolen fabrications. Sapphire blue and pale brown tones evoke a notion of multiplicity in a natural atmosphere. Mauvish purple and crimson saturations inspire a notion of organically derived elements. Multi-faceted with an imaginative frame of mind: Rugged Nature.

5 6


Forecast Courtesy: Design Options


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