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Texworld Trends: Spring Summer 2014

There couldn’t  be a better platform than Texworld to discover latest trends, new innovations in the world of fabrics, trims, accessories, anything and everything that falls under textiles. Here is their Spring Summer 2014 trend forecast.

DESIRE: It’s a taboo. A fantasy buried beneath the silence of our intimacy. Desire keeps a low profile. It is no longer quenched. At the risk of seeing this world continue to run towards a predicted wall. Desire will have expired before being quenched. But desire cannot be suppressed.  One cannot kill the tree born from our imagination, our projections, our dreams and our fears. Unless we return to being animals. So the world is being built on a silent, hidden desire, a cry in the night we pretend not to hear but which thus only echoes even more. Refusal of desire and desire of refusal. But one cannot resist desire. And its incessant cry for life weakens our souls until it dominates them.









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