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Spring Summer 2014 Trends by FNA

FNA  is a known source for providing trend insights to Fashion professionals.  Here is their SS 2014 Fashion and Color Trend Report. Have a look.

Forecast Courtesy: Fashion Net Asia


sensual1 sensual2

Colors: The vibration of sensual tonalities: between delicate flesh tones and burnt or passionate hues.

Style & Spirit: A sensuous style for a modern elegance, with primitive and oriental reminiscences whispering of rare well-being.

Materials & Textures: Voluptuous, enveloping materials, all soft and luxurious. Very supple nappa leather / Patent leather / Pastel shagreen stingray skin / Graphic pleated leather / Perlato leather or cloudy, pearly finishes / Matt metalized pull-up leather / Tulle and lace overlaid leather / Velvet / Double-layer satin / Linen, raw cotton canvas / Rex fur / Lacy textiles, furs or leather / Fancy fringes, with motifs or beads / Old gold, antique copper, or brushed bronze sheen

Wood and tortoiseshell / Glass beads, Murano glass / Porcelain and alabaster effects / Translucent stones and matt crystals / Metal filigree


perfect1_2 perfect2_2

Colors: A radical, almost formal set of basic off-key colours ranging from palest to the most obscure…

Style & Spirit: In search of architectural perfection: the simplicity and modernity of an elegant-formal or casual chic style for dynamic fashion.

Materials & Textures: Smooth and textured materials, classic and innovative. Classic or epi leather, cross-grain, caviar grain / Box calf / Sporty grained nubuck / Super smooth nubuck / Lacquered leather / Washed, pleated leather / Papery leather / Washed, matt and scaly skins / Washed cotton and linen canvas / Denim / Oilcloth, nylon canvas and waterproof windbreaker / Double-faced knits, jersey and cotton fleece, organic cotton knits / Invisible finishings / Nautical stripes / Macro and micro prints / Marble and mineral prints

Minimalist silver and gunmetal buckles and accessories / Marble and bakelite / Tiny silver studs / Nautical trims
and cords / Designer twist clasps



Colors: Black and white are the pivotal points of a joyous range that takes its rhythm from vitamised and, at time nostalgic colors.

Style & Spirit: The hi-tech creations of a fresh, graphic, romantic-futurist and retro-modernist fashion full of fun, sex appeal and surprises.

Materials & Textures: The interplay of surfaces and textures, optical sensations and graphic emotions. Smooth patent leather / Ultra soft and glossy lamb skin / Nubuck and suede split / Printed leather / Vintage look resin, vinyl and plastic / Mixed weaves and unusual blends / Super light two-tone cotton fleece / Graphic coloured lace / Translucent plastic crystal / Matt and coloured chain mail / Graphic floral prints, exotic flowers / Colourful animal skin prints / Optical prints

Painted lacquered metal / Mirror sequins / Opaque or transparent plastic and vinyl


super1 super2

Colors: Adventurous colours with an artificial tinge for a range conjuring up an imaginary eccentric biodiversity

Style & Spirit: An off-beat casual-luxury style with an exotic touch, for urban adventure and slick performance

Materials & Textures: Mix & match, blends of rare, hybrid and exotic materials, natural or artificial Vegetal leather / Sporty grained leather / Open mesh and assorted perforations / Changing metallic leather / Doublefaced, reversible leather / Leather with a petrol slick sheen / Suede / Suede lace / Ostrich skin / Coloured lizard or python skin / Rustic canvas / Fanciful and military camouflage prints / Revamped summer quilting / Hybrid prints, mixed multicultural motifs / Technological botanical prints / Coloured transparency

XXL metal accessories / Leather equestrian straps / Braided leather buckles and accessories / Rubbery finish coloured buckles and motifs / Lacquered or anodised zips




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