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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2013

Christian Dior was a very known and established Fashion Designer from France. In 1946, he founded his own Fashion House and came to be known as the master of shapes and silhouettes. His signature look can be defined with percale, boned, bustier-style bodices, hip padding, wasp-waisted corsets and skirts that made his dresses flare out from the waist, generating a very curvaceous form on the body.

Below is the Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Collection. Check out the patterns and designs well defined in each of the silhouettes.

This new collection makes a mark in terms of effortless luxury with dresses that recall the shape of flowers with the layering and the choice of colors or the embroideries. Most importantly, the location where the designer’s collection was showcased couldn’t be anything else but a charming garden where elegantly dressed models walked wearing silk, lamé, satin, organdie, tulle, wool, embroideries, lace on silhouettes like slim pants in tuxedo suits, straight knee-length cocktail dresses, flared or sculptural bustier dresses and also some beautiful A-lined ball gowns.

The colors used in the collection like midnight blue, sky blue, red, burgundy, pastel green, blush, white, orange, beige, black, yellow and pink, look apt for the Spring Summer season and so do the wonderful accessories like embroidered tulle gloves, Bonnets with petal appliqué, Black pumps with white or metallic contrasting tip.

Check out the show recording below for this latest collection.

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