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Lenzing Trends: Spring/Summer 2014

Lenzing, a company popular as the only producer world-wide of all three man-made cellulose fiber generations, from Viscose to Lyocell to Modal, releases its trend forecast every year to help the design industry develop an insight about the future design and color forecasting.

Recently, the company came up with the Spring/Summer  forecast for the year 2014. Here it is.


Fibre development can influence the entire life-cycle of a garment.

Re-juvenating textile waste can take us far. Fashion design is important in supporting this.

Multiplicity of ideas and solutions; the epoch is creative.

Openness is the punch-line.

Innovators, changemakers and collective mindsets are the drive behind reforms.

Design for need.

Craft offers a renewed interest in artisanal intelligence.

This is how we conceive all this to be, on the fashion scene, through our themes:


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