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Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Trends by Interstoff Asia Essential

Interstoff Asia Essential, the home of cutting edge textiles and Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics have come up with a wonderful trend forecast for the wardrobes of Autumn/Winter of 2013/2014.

Here it goes.


A new era of anything-goes style is breaking ground; the consumer is notoriously non-commital from one day to the next in terms of wardrobe choices. From rustic and raw resources to whimsical fancies of daydreams, the rule is there are no rules. It’s a melange of modest casual elements, distinguished pieces and athletic accents. Whatever the aesthetic may be, the ultimate look is achieved with a worldly mix of ideas coming together in perfect harmony. In a highly curated combination of trends, personalisation is key as luxury meets basic and escapist meets domestic. Pick and choose to produce the optimal look du jour.



BEDROCK: Emerge from nature with the neutral whisper of weightless, pure tones and lush growth of cavernous depths. Taking a cue from our environment, organic beginnings and landscape textures allude to a restorative revival. A raw oasis sets the stage for a humble return to natural basics. The overgrown gardens of earth seem to offer a timeless botanical bounty of flora and fauna disciplined into an orderly REFINEMENT. A deliberate arrangement of sensual and tactile luxury distinguishes the new provincial ensemble.



ILLUSION: Venture into a love story where a romantic odyssey of flora and fauna ushers in a mysterious fantasy. Dripping water colors lend calm and stillness to a gleaming dream world prism of mist and vapour. Frosted fibres spiral their way into luminescence. A gauzy mood morphs into a lighthearted WONDERLAND. Full of joyful enchantment and playful sentiments. Become immersed in whimsical fairytale imagery and plush childhood pleasures.



MASQUERADE: A forest of dark dahlias and foiled flora forms the aristrocrat. An enchanted mist spreads across acres of velvet and burnout. Heavy marled coils and incandescent inky jacquards are accented by crystalised underbrush. Under the moonlit sky, a form of black magic is brewing and beckons the polished DANDY of the night. A menswear reformation rises to the occasion as tailored ensembles and prim and proper guises seduce and intrigue.



REVOLUTION: A portal to a boundless expanse completely void of chronological references allows for the freedom to personalise and curate styling. A modern juxtaposition between the classic revival and the cutting-edge introduces the limitless amalgamation of the past and future. A vibrant tour of the cosmos and back illuminates the vintage aspects of the past while hinting at the high performance promise of the NEO future. Accessible and active, color, texture and pattern collide to create a dynamic and multi-dimensional vision.



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