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Interfiliere Trends: Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

Interfilière is the world’s leading trade fair for intimate wear and beach wear fabrics. It uniquely covers everything about Lace, knits, wovens, prints, tulle, embroidery, braids, beads, ribbons, buttons, hooks-and-eyes, boning, elastic, fibres, threads, machines.

Below is their trend forecast for AW 2013/2014.

Forecast Courtesy: Interfiliere

THE NEW BEAUTY: The most enduring form of refinement- A powerful and effective antidote to the economic crisis.




In other words, the timeless and tireless intimates of which every woman has always dreamed. It’s no longer about fancy effects but rather colours, fabrics and lines that are capable of embodying this dream of eternal glamour, brought up to date for day and night.
There’s no room for monotony, on the contrary: creativity and precision are the watchwords of even the tiniest detail. From now on, these are the qualities that will make all the difference and offer extra added value. The notion of “impeccable finish is the new key to unlocking desire. “Coco before Chanel” leads the way as a source of inspiration, as well as the heroines of “The Great Gatsby”, both films giving centre stage to bias cuts and pyjamas, highly seductive pieces relying on a host of wonderfully wearable new fabrics, like Dogi’s Tricot or Boselli’s polyester satin, which leaves stiff polyester satins for dust…
An omnipresence of flowing silhouettes at their most chic: non-padded bras, soft and invisible underwiring, reinvented spacers… Here, priority is given to soft and supple comfort, the unrivalled symbol of luxury.


THE NEW EVE : Lingerie is going through detox, being purged of any purely superficial details. It is therefore, exactly as it should be: deliciously luxurious. Pride of place is given to time-honoured know-how and a more intimate past, reinterpreted using new  technologies for a French style that is at once, discrete, light and frivolous, bathed in powdery shades and a touch of decadence. Influenced by Alexander McQueen, flowers make a striking return, epitomizing the most eternal form of beauty.


SYMBOLISM : New blacks express a myriad of night-related fantasies and dreams… when nature shrugs off romanticism at its most suave, when flowers metamorphose into ghostly forms of Eros. At the heart of this dark and mysterious universe, seduction offers a host of surprises and effects. The body is decorated, celebrated, a figure of desire at its most refined and sophisticated. Eroticism that verges on the sublime!


VISIONARY : A dream of the future… in response to the dangers faced by the planet. Directions to follow: the 1920s, 50s and 60s, reinterpreted with efficient use of resources; the idea is that state-of-the-art technologies should not be confined to comfort and architecture, but also applied to creativity itself. Pixels, fractal images and other 3D effects: in the hands of designers, modernity becomes a new source of inspiration.


PLAY TIME : The dream of replacing reality with a playful and magical universe… a dream shared by an increasing number of international designers: creating a place where traditional classifications are no longer relevant, where seeking refuge in one’s own cocoon is no longer a sign of weakness, where having fun is no longer synonymous with immaturity, where, under the virtual influence of Steve Jobs, life moves at an ever faster pace… at home, on holiday, wherever there is a laptop…


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