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Modern Designs – Simple & Distinct

Most of us desire to live in a modern, upgraded, distinct and stylish home; a home that suits our lifestyle, profession and taste. Since we are talking of lifestyle and taste, it is important to understand what we like and what we don’t, what suits our personality and what needs avoidance. Homes with a modern design have some very distinct features that make them look modern and trendy.

Let us check out a few pictures below that explain what modern designs stand out for. You may scroll down (below the pictures) to check out the features that make a modern design distinct from all other types of designs.

Picture Courtesy: Decodir, Home-Designing, Home Renovation Tips and Housevira

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Let us now discuss what the above pictures depict.

  1. The two most distinct features that make up a modern design home are Minimalism and Technology. Minimalism because modern homes are supposed to be simple, clutter free and also less ornamental. Talking of technology, modern homes comprise the best of technology in terms of products and outlook.
  2. Modern designs must reflect futurism and great functionalism. Futurism to feature an advance perspective and functionalism emphasizing on utility and purpose.
  3. Materials used in a modern design are often man-made. Such spaces have a very stereotypical steel, glass and concrete look with smooth and sleek finishes.
  4. Modern design colors mainly lean towards neutral. If you wish to create a modern home, use neutral colors with some bold and bright accents.
  5. Solids, stripes, geometrical and abstracts make for some great modern textures and patterns for modern spaces.
  6. Most modern homes have open spaces and high ceilings. Space to furniture ratio needs to be appropriate too. Furniture should be simple, usually vinyl cushioned, brushed metal and plastics. The storage areas are supposed to be well defined too, so that the house is well-kept.
  7. Spotlights and visual impacts are important, hence lighting should be good too. A variety of lights should be used in modern homes.
  8. Modern spaces should possess an artistic flair, everything should be eclectic, avant-garde and modern in design and approach. Nothing should be overdone.
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