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COLORS – What is their importance?

Colors interest me, and why just me….I think they interest everyone. They stand for our taste, our personality, feelings and moods. Have you ever thought, how would our life be without colors? The answer is very simple. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine your world in grey. Although Grey is a color too, yet thinking of everything in this color makes us realize, how important other colors are, how dull our lives would turn out to be if we didn’t use colors. They just cannot be ignored, they are everywhere, around us, and of course inside us too.

If colors are so important in our life, why do we get attracted to some colors more than others? As I said earlier, they stand for our personality and taste, so almost all of us know what our favourite colors are and we also try to use them in things we like….but we may or may not be perfect in making good color choices all the time.

Well, there are color theories and principles, and a lot of other information created around colors and color trends, etc., and there are color professionals, designers and stylists who achieve perfection in using colors, who exactly know how to use colors and where to use them and why to use them.

So here it comes….I am going to help you make good color choices. If you wish to get inspired by color, please visit the COLOR ARCHIVE category link on my blog and feel free to download numerous color palettes, which will be made available to you now onwards.

What are you waiting for? Let us all get our lives inspired by colors.



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