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Spin Expo Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 Fashion & Color Trends

Spin Expo is a very focused and unique exhibition featuring the most comprehensive and creative international offering of yarns and fibres, knitwear manufacturers and innovative knitwear machinery manufacturers.

Below is their trend forecast for the season of Autumn/Winter of 2013-2014.

Forecast Courtesy: Spin Expo


For A/W 2013/14 we feel it is time to start writing a new story, a story about the life we want to live in and not the story we have been living in. We have been living through times of constant change that have created all aspects of life experiences. We have discovered these experiences and our belongings only define us if we let them define us and that experiencing life is not so much about what happens to us but much more about how we react to it.

So it is time to take charge and start to write our own story, but how should it go? We first need to ask ourselves many questions to build the structure of this story like the structure of a book. How it begins with research, builds up a plot and adds characters, concludes with a considered finish that opens our minds after it is finished.

The SPINEXPO trends for A/W 2013/14 have explored this idea reflecting on how this interprets into four strong global trend messages we see emerging for the season ahead. Prologue: Creating an opening to a story that establishes the setting through research and historical references. Looking at ancestral heritage and provenance spanning centuries of the artisan from the garden, to the kitchen to arts and crafts.

Genre: The type of book to be written be it a novel, a poetry book, or short story, it could be satire, tragedy, a mystery or romance. The essence is that it has drama and transports us to a world other than our own, one of fantasy, fairytale, intrigue and adventure. Narrative: Giving the emotional feeling to the story by creating the narrative with the warmth of characters and plot. Using dialogue and prose to fill in the details by embellishing and elaborating. Creating a sense of comfort, enjoyment, and pleasure, awakening desires whilst offering relaxation.

Epilogue: Writing the ending to the story, to bring closure and create dramatic effect through a considered ending, an unexpected twist or leaving an opening to hint at the future for what a sequel could bring. Allowing for refinement, precision, cool consideration or futurism, finely crafted and engineered to create both satisfaction and intrigue. Do we know how our life stories will unfold? Can we plan for this, probably not. If we could predict the future fully would it hold the same allure and sense of adventure? We don’t know all these answers, but by looking at our lives today we can learn and adapt in order to change the story and write the next chapter of who we want to be and could be tomorrow. Let the drama of A/W 2013/14 unfold.


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