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Première Vision Autumn/Winter 2013/14 Fashion Trends

Premiere Vision

Forecast Courtesy: Première Vision

The stories of Autumn/Winter 2013-14 portray an opulent and sexy season marked by substance….

They return the senses to the heart of the debate and elevate the role of feelings. They convey the energy of emotion through colours concentrated deep inside fabrics, in engorged pigments, in mysterious shadows, in bittersweets.

They talk of fabrics with a sensual tangibility, with fullness in weights and behaviours, with an enrobing or protective thickness, with a full-bodied fluidity, with an ultra-supple stretch, with a daring fantasy. They proclaim the freedom to mix fabrics, decorations, cuts and styles to bring together quality and no-limits, sports and elegance, the exceptional and the everyday, together in the silhouette.

Autumn/Winter 2013-14 tells fashion storiesthat carry away, that transport, that spellbind; stories of time, stories of adventure, stories of feeling.

Stories of time:

Seeing beyond everyday realities to sketch out a visionary and virtuoso fashion vision, freely navigating between historical yesterdays and an idealised future.

Masking the body or closely outlining it, contrasting corseted lines and protective, shield-like volumes, cultivating extremes for a silhouette with flaunted anachronisms.

Reinterpreting fantasy with ornamental spirals and epic paintings, covering them in a coloured darkness, and forthrightly updating them.

Cutting and pasting together periods and styles, combining fabrics together in the same piece of clothing, bringing out the incongruous detail.  Playing with decorative extremes for every day, to bring to life fearless fashions that are anything but vintage.


Colors from the heart
Dark multicolours
Heraldic two-tones

Fabric highlights

> quality and relaxed velvets
> mad fleeces, soft ratines, silks with tousled cut-yarns

> macrostructure fancy plains, giant sweaters and woollens
> textured embroideries, quiltings, and 3D embossings
> figured, incised, burnt-out and flocked ornamentals and scrolls
> references to masterpieces and historical influences

> extroverted shine, dark coppery or gold metallics
> oiled, resined and waxed coatings, wet reflections, leather and skin imitations
> darkened shot looks, overdyes, mysterious garment washes

> curvy bi-stretch
> body-sculpting


Stories of adventure:

Thinking of the city as a land of adventure, uniting the great outdoors and cityscapes, and exploring new ways to move and to dress.

Heading off with stylishness tucked in your pocket.

Developing new close relationships between active sports and fashion, building bridges to connect the outdoors and fantasy, creating hybrids between a citified elegance and workwear. Initiating a silhouette composed in layers, piling on cosy woollens and high-performance synthetics, featherweights and protective thicknesses. Affixing decoration to major fashion pieces; blurring, encoding, ciphering, camouflaging and cultivating a mimicry inspired by quotidian imagery.


Out-going outdoors
Naturally urban

Fabric highlights

> overweight broadcloths, cottons and denims, compact silkies
> herringbone weaves, broken twills, in wool or cotton

> natural/synthetic contrasts
> fancy/plain contrasts

> sporty wools
> braided aspects, technical and high performance cardeds
> softened raw woollens and knits, haphazard visuals, readable throwns and chinés

> multi-coloured blurry tweedies and woollens
> micro precision, geometric grids and encodings
> pictorial, moiré, marbled or floral camouflage
> photo-graphics, collages

Stories of feeling

Putting seduction at the heart of concerns, and giving in to feelings and temptations. Allowing the imagination to drift off towards misty realities, surreal plays on mirrorings, softly psychedelic distortions.

Yielding to the tactile delight of creamy, foamy and syrupy fabrics. Sensual, soft and delicious fabrics for sexily modest clothing, clothing that works with the body, which slyly conceals and reveals.

Elaborating curves without moulding the body, imparting weight and fullness to fluidity, lending a slightly naughty touch to enveloping volumes by subtle plays on bareness or slits in clothing.

Delicious frosts
Soft shadows
Lively flashes

Fabric highlights:

> supple felts, creamy moleskins and velveties
> bondings with a scuba-style roundness
> multi-layered transparencies, light waddings

> syrupy silkiness
> ultra-supple and feminine casual fabrics

> vaporous wools and mohairs, cloudy lace and knits
> talc-like handles, powdery featherweights
> plastic, jellied shine

> narrative shadows, floral or plant silhouettes
> patterns diluted in the grounds, blurred brushings, dissolved checks
> veiled, smoky, colorful uneven-dyes


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  1. Deepika Rastogi #

    thanx for your sugestions and guidence.


    November 8, 2012

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