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A Touch of Folk Artistry in Home Décor

Today, we live in the times of avant-gardism.

We want simplicity, unfussiness, modernity and minimalism in our homes.  We crave to be expressive of our personality and taste  in our homes and long for trendiness from time to time….and so, we are always eager to bring in changes in our home décor.

There is certainly nothing wrong in moving ahead with time, but, it is equally vital to remain in touch with our roots. One way to do that is to include some folk art stuff in our home décor. Folk art is known for its traditional aesthetic sensibility and authenticity across the world. Adding a touch of olden days in our space can enable us to create a stunningly diverse and exquisite home.

If your existing home décor is not ultra-glam or modern and you want to bring a fresh change in the look of your space, Folk Art is the right way to bring it. When we talk of folk art, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily bring antique folk art stuff for décor, but, you can also look for contemporary expression of traditional folk art forms….a fresh way to explore folk/tribal/traditional/primitive art with all its naïvetés.

From Grandma’s old fashioned quilt to modern styled macramé with old and original techniques, from handmade ornamentations to pottery and ceramics, from cable knit textiles to wicker furniture…the list is absolutely endless! Here are some examples below to help you add a touch of folk artistry in your home décor through traditional patterns, colors and designs.

Courtesy: Lovely Living

Courtesy: Margekatherine

Courtesy: Makezine

Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Courtesy: House Beautiful

Courtesy: Ehow

Courtesy: Pottery Barn

Courtesy: Pottery Barn

Courtesy: Casasugar

Courtesy: Knock Off Decor

Courtesy: Shelter Pop

Courtesy: Lushpad













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