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5 Best Ways of Using Color Blocking in Home Décor

Color blocking in fashion has been quite a rage and now it is even picking up in home fashion with equal ease and poise. It essentially means using blocks of color together, keeping in mind a certain rules to make the whole arrangement look trendy and up to the mark. Here they are…

  1. USE TASTEFUL COLORS: One may or may not have a taste for bold colors so it is important to acknowledge the effects that colors produce, when used in a loud way. It is equally essential to understand the requirement of space for color and its mutual effect with the rest of the décor. For instance, if color blocks are loud and bright (which they usually are), the rest of the décor in the space should be in neutral colors.
  2. USE CONTRASING COLORS: Contrasting colors are absolutely appropriate for defining the color blocks well enough. If the colors are not in contrast, blocks just happen to merge and the whole idea of creating color blocks goes in vain. I think Bright colors fit well in this criteria, they may even belong to the same family of colors, however all the color used should be pleasing and comfortable to the eyes and not just jazzy and ultra vivid.
  3. KEEP THE LOOK SIMPLE: Never make an effort to put patterns in color blocks. Simplicity is in, overdoing a look won’t help. Big solid blocks create the look!
  4. CREATE INTEREST WITH NUMBERS: Prefer using 2 or 3 colors only for color blocks. Using 3 goes perfectly well for me. Remember we are defining a space décor and not playing with Rubik’s cube.
  5. INCORPORATE WELL IN SPACE: You can definitely not design the entire décor using color blocking. It has to be well balanced and well placed. The best thing is to set them up at certain spots or accessories against a neutral, subtle or muted backdrop.

Color blocking is definitely an uprising trend. While you use it you will see how much style and glamor it brings to your space. Here are a few pictures to give you some idea. Have a look!

Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

Courtesy: Interior Holic

Courtesy: Interior Holic

Courtesy: Interior Holic

Courtesy: Design Shuffle

Courtesy: Design Shuffle

Courtesy: Design Shuffle

Courtesy: Martha Stewart

Courtesy: Elle Decor

Courtesy: Decor Pad

Courtesy: The Decorista

Courtesy: La Dolce Vita

Courtesy: Creamy Life

Courtesy: Homeklondike

Courtesy: Mendetc

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