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Heimtextil Trends: 2013/2014: BEING

We all have been waiting desperately to receive trend updates from the world’s most influential Home Textile Show, Heimtextil. This time they have come up with the concept of BEING, that features 4 distinct representative personalities, each with their own hopes, desires, aspiration and ideas.

The names of the 4 trend topics for 2013/2014 are, THE HISTORIAN, THE ECCENTRIC, THE INVENTOR and THE GEOLOGIST. You can see their ideas of the 4 types of personalities in a video by Heimtextil, below.

THE HISTORIAN: A treasurer of the past, seeking value and discovering ways to make history relevant to contemporary life. Partial to noble products of supreme craft and artisianship with aristocratic élan.

The Historian: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

The treasure box of Western civilization in the late 16th  and 17th centuries has been thrown open. This period continues to inspire due to the extreme richness of its historical arts and crafts. All treasures are crafted with supreme artisanship, the ornaments are expressive, the embellishment is opulent and the details refined.

The Historian: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Who we are and how we live: These are lovers of luxury who appreciate the value of well-rooted quality and the concept of pedigree. Born into a technology-dominated culture, they are devoted to finding ways to fit history into their contemporary lifestyles. With a disdain for disposable gadgets, they chase concepts of beauty with intrinsic value, historical magic, storytelling and craftsmanship.

Shades of value: The historian palette is muted by the absence of bright light. Daylight shimmers through to reveal pearlescent pales, candlelit metallic sheen and dim and mysterious dark shades.

THE ECCENTRIC: A hunter and collector, chasing the exquisite and the unique, cherishing and mixing discoveries with daring eclecticism. Assembles flamboyant concepts that have a timeless quality and an extremely decorative character.

The Eccentric: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Daring flamboyance is mixed with a passion for decorative arts and crafts, creating a contemporary curiosity cabinet filled with the unique and the one-off. Products of true origin show folkloric aspects, exotic references and tribal influences, all matched freely with the traditional and authentic to create a generous and eclectic mix.

The Eccentric: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Who we are and how we live: These people are hunters and gatherers: free-spirited individuals who lead an abundant and Burgundian lifestyle and share a common preference for the decorative and outspoken. Contemporary dandies and modern bohemians are touring the globe for joyful experiences and meaningful products. They scavenge the globe for the iconic and the extraordinary and are aware of the cultural context and origin of the trophies of their tours.

Palette of passion: A range that stages the abundant as well as the understated to enable the flamboyant color clashes where extravagance meets elegance and exoticism.

THE INVENTOR: An intelligent free thinker, experimenting and researching solutions to make life fulfilling, fun and exciting. Fond of concepts in which function meets fun, wellness and entertainment. Eager to leave a personal trace on designs.

The Inventor: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

We’d all love to invent our own personal living  environment that eases our life and accommodates  our most intimate desires. To discover challenging  ideas that explore the fringes of the possible, with the  satisfaction being more in the process than the result.  To create concepts where function meets up with fun  and wellness with entertainment. To conjure up the  sensorial, the kinetic and interactive and link these to  our favorite media, allowing us to play our way  through the day.

The Inventor: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Who we are and how we live: These people love experiments, seek adventure and yearn for undiscovered worlds of wonder. They are opportunistic characters who like to try things out and   make their mark on the design and production processes. Connected to friends and the world, they are ready to share both the inner and outer.

Power play: The intrigue is drawn by the strange contrasts, combining the clinical with the organic, the hot with the frozen and sparking understated functionality with a healthy dose of fun. A playful range of vivid shades.

THE GEOLOGIST: A nature lover, preserving as well as exploring the deepest layers of the earth and digging down for the unseen and the unexpected. Values the precious imperfections of geological textures, the science of nature and its surreal quality.

The Geologist: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Celebrate nature and strive to reconnect with it by exploring the unknown and the unexpected. Embrace its ravishing powers, which are both destructive and beautifying at the same time. Value the precious imperfections of geological textures, the constant evolution of organic growth, the continuous change triggered by erosion, oxidation, natural distress and nature’s own self-destructive forces. Listen to the Earth, experience it to the fullest. It is the science of nature and its surreal aspects that inspire. Some of these traces of nature’s energy can fiercely liven up our home environments.

The Geologist: Heimtextil Trends 2013/2014: Being

Who we are and how we live: These are lovers of the good life, considerate yet demanding citizens who are aware of the quality of a product as well as its origins. Where does it all come from and what is the environmental and social impact of what surrounds and serves us? They love nature and natural products, yet at the same time, they are still intrigued by the fact that man, the city and the economy are an integral part of our current ecosystem. We live in the next stage of nature.

Poisonous sparks: This range reflects the mysterious, dark side of nature. Intense hues are sparked with poisonous brightness and metallic sheen to light up our urban caves. Irregular surface effects breathe life into dense and understated natural shades.

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