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PATTERNS: Mixed to Perfection with the Other Elements of Décor

While decorating our spaces, we often find ourselves in a certain dilemma so as to what patterns to employ and where to incorporate them.  Most of us choose patterns as per our taste but we fail to understand the impact that any pattern could create in a space if not used to perfection.

Being aware of ‘what to choose and where to install’ will answer most of our décor related queries. So, I thought of writing this post that would not only help you in choosing good patterns for your space but also help you design your interiors with your personal touch.

The very first question that we must answer is- Why do we need any pattern at all? Well, some of us think it would look good and most of us are forced to think they are in vogue. Both the answers are correct and so it is important to answer – where to use them? Some people make a mistake of using patterns in almost everything in order to make their space look beautiful but they end up creating a clutter!

So, here we go….

1. Patterns are an integral element of any décor that have the power to transform any space completely, add life to anything boring and mundane, and bring in an expression of newness.

2. They can be employed in form of beautiful draperies, upholsteries, or even as wall art pieces.

3. They should be used to create a well defined focus in a room and catch everyone’s attention instantly.

4. Patterns could be loud or soft and yet can lend a bend of creativeness to any space.

5. Before selecting any kind of pattern for anything in your décor, it is imperative to evaluate its effect or impact on the other existing elements of décor.

6. Patterns and colors should be used in harmony in order to avoid unnecessary loudness.

7. Using patterns on everything in a room will only create clutter and make them look like negative components of décor.

8. A large pattern in a small space should be strictly avoided and also, a small pattern in a huge space will do nothing to enhance the décor, hence the scale of pattern is a very important thing to understand.

Here are some pictures where patterns have been used very wisely to enhance the decor.

Courtesy: Interiorholic

Courtesy: Room Decorating Ideas

Courtesy: Wall Decor Source

Courtesy: Architect House Designs

Courtesy: Furniture Trendzona

Courtesy: Schneiderman Furniture

Courtesy: House to Home

Courtesy: Thelennoxx

Courtesy: House to Home


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