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Décor in Red: Bold & Beautiful

Red, a color quite spicy, bold, hot and beautiful creates an influencing design statement that is inviting and unapologetically sexy, indeed very sexy. It is certainly a brave choice for home décor and the results are enriching and worthwhile too, but the idea behind creating a perfect red décor is in selecting the correct shade of red that suits your décor idea perfectly.

So, now the questions that come to one’s mind are….When is excess really excessive and when is it very less…just not enough? How to create color palettes by mixing red with other hues and that too without going overboard?

The correct use of red is extremely important in any décorbecause red has the power to promote the space as cheery, bright and pleasant or in an extremely opposite way…raging and aggressive. Red suits just any décor and if used cleverly can create an enticing, intriguing and inviting space. So people, why not fall in love all over again with your space?

Here are some pictures of décor in red that look elegant in many ways.

Red as an accent hue-Courtesy: Arhzine

Modern decor that accepts any shade of red- Courtesy: Be Interior Decorator

Exotic Red- Courtesy: Elle Decor

Bold and Beautiful- Courtesy: Elle Decor

Welcoming- Courtesy: Elle Decor

High Style Flair- Courtesy: Elle Decor

Bright splashes in the kitchen - Courtesy: Fresh Kitchen

Just the perfect red- Courtesy: HGTV

Focus with pops of red- Courtesy: Home Designing

Color of passion- Courtesy: House Beautiful

Enticing focus- Courtesy: House Beautiful

Sophistication- Courtesy- Modern Furniture Pics

Intriguing Appeal- Courtesy- Pinterest

Romantic & Appealing- Courtesy: Scroll Mag




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  1. Toolika #

    Nice post Nidhi

    February 28, 2012
  2. PurvaaiHomeDecor #

    The colour red transcends ‘looks’ – it is amazing that we can use it for a gentleman’s club look AND a sleek contemporary look. Really like its pairing with white in the images above.

    February 28, 2012

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