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Tangerine Tango- The Hottest Color for 2012

Tangerine Tango….a perfect bold hue to combat the global economic disappointments with the vivid and spirited energy boost that all of us need to recharge, rejuvenate and move forward. A color of strength, courage, action and confidence, will be seen being used in numerous ways across the globe, throughout 2012. The electrifying color is all set to manifest itself strongly in Home Fashion, Fashion and Interior Design.

Tangerine Tango, the color of 2012, is a warm, uplifting and energizing color and fits well into all kinds of décor delightfully. However, it would be interesting to see how designers fit this hue their designs as it has already made its place in the entire designing world’s radar.  Here are some examples of how to incorporate Tangerine Tango in your décor.

Courtesy: Decoist
Courtesy: Decorating Ideas Biz
Courtesy: Startribune
Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Creamy Life
Courtesy: Design Decor Staging
Courtesy: Stagetecture
Courtesy: Mrs. Peeks Farmhouse
Courtesy: Sasinteriors
Courtesy: Sasinteriors
Courtesy: Bloomers Floral Design
Courtesy: Design Shuffle
Courtesy: Pinterest
Courtesy: Design Sponge




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