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Printsource Newyork’s Top 10 Print Ideas- Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Printsource is the main resource for surface and textile design for textile designers, fashion designers, retailers, apparel manufacturers, bed and bath manufacturers, kitchen and tabletop makers and all other surface and textile design applications. This year it was immensely interesting to check out what the companies around the globe took forward as ideas from Printsource and added on their taste to each and every product story that they made. Like every other year, it is back with new trends and print ideas to help us all conceptualize for the future. Here is your chance to pick up the best from them and deliver your best to the design world.

Here is the report (Courtesy: Printsource)

Video Courtesy: The Lingerie Journal

Tapestry: Woven-looking dense designs in scenics, florals and ornamentals

Painterly Stripes: An update to the hard-edged stripe of late, this hand drawn interpretation brings a softer look to the continuing trend.

Cross Stitch: Crafty-looking cross stitch inspired by Eastern and Northern Europe

Big Blooms: Larger than life florals make an impact in bold form.

The Silk Road: Asian ceramics and other artisan crafts influence this direction which mixes traditions from China to Turkey.

Pre-War Prints: Tossed florals and conversational prints take on a decidedly late 30s/early 40s feel

Go for Baroque: Ornamentation abounds in curls and swirls

Indonesian Inspiration: Indonesian textile techniques such as batik, wood block and hand painting influence this direction

Color Block: Bold and bright, there is no stopping the visual impact of this trend.

Opposites Attract: Opposing shapes and contrasting colors are paired to create optical vibrations.

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