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Pelmets: A Perfect Way to Conceal Curtain Fixtures

Very often people forget to match the curtain rods with the curtains and end up giving it a crude look.  Putting on fabric pelmets to conceal curtain fixtures is a wonderful way to render a perfect finish to any room. Fabric Pelmets are available in several designs and could be padded, upholstered, printed or embroidered. They not only coordinate with the window treatments but also compliment the theme and color of any room.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Courtesy: Window Treatments Philadelphia
Courtesy: Richard Barrie
Courtesy: Davina Bellerby
Courtesy: Spring Crest
Courtesy: Spring Crest
Courtesy: E How
Courtesy: Binbin

Picture Courtesy: Window Treatments Philadelphia, Richard Barrie, Davina Bellerby, Spring Crest, E How, Binbin

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