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Trends 2012/2013 by Christmasworld – Decorative and Innovative Products

Christmasworld – The World of Event Decoration: The world’s leading trade fair for festive decorations presents the trends and innovations for all festivities of the year – from Christmas, New Year and St. Valentine’s Day to Easter, summer parties and Halloween.

In good time for the new business and, therefore, festive season, the world’s leading trade fair for festive decorations shows the innovative and original products offered by the international decoration sector. The unique range of products on show makes Christmasworld the world’s foremost trend and order platform for the wholesale and retail trades, for boutiques, florists, interior furnishing specialists, designers and decorators. In Frankfurt, they find not only products that will delight their customers but also decorative elements for dressing shops and windows professionally.

Forecast Courtesy: Christmasworld

COLOR – This is the decisive signal for the coming season. Intense, strong tones are the emotional medium of an optimistic and future-oriented view of the world. They self-confidently permeate all styles and provide vital highlights. Color and decorations enliven everyday life. Individual interpretations of festive decorations enhance the personal environment long after the actual event – with the refined and restrained manner of SOFT CLOUD, the natural freshness of FANCY FOLK, the high-class glamour of LATE NIGTH GLAM and the intensely colorful purism of COOL VIBRANCY.

Soft Cloud

SOFT CLOUD: Harmony and elegance. A sensitive character is expressed in SOFT CLOUD. This gentle look has a feminine touch and is cool, light, transparent and gossamer-fine. its gentle appearance is complemented by warm lighting that envelops the soft, reduced shapes. A self- assured calm is reflected in the flowing silhouettes, sensitive designs and sensual nude tones.

Fancy Folk

FANCY FOLK: Vibrant, lively and cheerful. Love of the rural, creative and natural is the dominant theme here. FANCY FOLK is characterized by handmade products and looks. Folklore and traditional themes are given a modern interpretation. Flowers, handmade elements and a touch of kitsch add to the emotional look. A romantic mood is created that covers a spectrum from traditional folk art to pure nature.

Late Night Glam

LATE NIGHT GLAM: Attractive and desirable. This breathtaking elegant look combines glamour, disco and 1970s chic. The skilful, spectacular styling is opulent, exclusive and sensual – and always effortless. Decorative elements are refined and given a modern interpretation. LATE NIGHT GLAM celebrates life not as routine but as a special event.

Cool Vibrancy

COOL VIBRANCY: Vibrant and bold. Strong colors combine with a reduced design.  COOL VIBRANCY shows optimism and vitality. The look is high-class, clear and grown-up. The intense artificial tones seem to radiate light as if illuminated. They work particularly intensely in combination with minimalist or sculptural designs and monochrome surfaces. Graphic patterns and experimentation with color overlays, shadows and different transparencies provide eye-catching highlights.

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