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MoOD– read as Meet only Original Designs, the former Decosit Brussels, is the first and the most authentic international trade fair for producers of Upholstery, Windows and Wall Coverings. It is the only online market place in the world to feature producers who fully own their collections. Here is their forecast for 2011/2012.

Globalisation, digitisation and the emergence of new economic powers. Every individual, each company sees the disappearance of old certainties. One value however, remains unchanged: beauty. We strive for beauty in everything we do, whether it is designing or decorating. More than ever. Never before were there as many people in the west who exercised some form of art. Like no other, this illustrates the growing need for beauty and the beauty experience. This renewed focus on beauty coincides with the need for slowing down. Anyone who has an eye for beauty, will take the time to reflect, to understand and above all to enjoy. Not only the result but also the creation process itself. Even in the treatment of the matter itself there is a beauty we risk losing sight of.

Therefore, the central theme for the trend booklet that MoOD proposed to its exhibitors is beauty. Let it be clear: textiles and textile design has never been as trendy. Many young creative minds feel themselves drawn to this. They approach their creation just like Michelangelo did back then. According to him, the artwork had already been contained in the brutal matter herein. The artist only had to remove the excess. He sent a team to Carrara to search for the proverbial sculptures between the stones.
OF THE SUBLIME distinguishes three themes, each of them set out a different aesthetic beauty experience:
#1 Soul Kitchen is an appreciation of the invisible beauty of our daily surroundings. It shows an optimistic, naive and childlike view of the world. Its innocence so beautiful, that it leaves no-one untouched. It requires an openness and a positive attitude to discover the beauty that has remained unexplored for too long because in our rush it has passed us by. Soul Kitchen is a search for the soul and the beauty that can be found in your own “kitchen”.

#2 <H>UGGS stems from the honesty and deep respect for the brutal matter. The materials remain true to themselves while the design is thoughtful and tasteful. A design that is reminiscent to the brutalism of the 50’s to the 70’s. <H>UGGS draws its added value from the inertia and the genuine quest for perfection. The creations are often handmade and are exclusive to say the least. Many traditional techniques have been forgotten with emerging technology. Strangely enough it is also technology that is responsible for their comeback. The story behind this, is an integral part of the product.

#3 UTOPIA searches for the elusive beauty. The utopian beauty in the purest sense of the word. Because we are now witnessing a new golden age of science. Science and beauty go hand in hand because science and beauty belong to the rare certainties of our time. Unseen images from the beautiful, elusive universe are brought closer by the Orbiter Cassini and we are on the verge of deciphering the secret of the few seconds before the big bang. UTOPIA also teaches us that indigo, as described by Newton, was a colour that is somewhere between blue and violet but that is almost invisible to the human eye. Thus, Utopian. It is therefore very appropriate that this colour belongs in UTOPIA.

Color me beautiful

Each theme comes with a specific colour palette that is available on MoOD’s website. Below we already provide you with an overview.

Indigo is a key colour. Blue is the colour of honesty. But indigo’s story begins with a vegetable dye that was already being copied synthetically in 1897. It is a colour that plays an important role in both Soul Kitchen as well as UTOPIA. White with its inevitable counterpoint in shades of black is also rising fiercely. It is the most honest and purest contrast and inevitable in this theme.
We also see earthy colors like browns that tend towards deep reds, which are strongly connected to soil. To create a real experience of brutal rust , they sometimes approach the delicate sienne brûlée. But there are also pale washed browns which tend towards beige. And orange. A dynamic accent reminiscent of tangarine.

Green disappeared a few years ago, as suddenly as it arrived on the scene. There was too much hype, and trendsetters soon lost interest. But green is back. Different, more honest and above all very modest.

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