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Printsource: Top 10 Print Trends for 2012

Being a Textile Designer I am profoundly convinced that whether it is fashion or home décor, textiles are where a real thrust of differentiation can be produced.

Printsource recently revealed the Top 10 Print Trends for  2012. It will be interesting to discover later how designers across the world interpret these trends into their collections.

Recently, Printsource revealed the Top 10 Print Trends for 2012. Here are the details.

1. Under the Microscope – science and design collide with detailed images shown in overblown scale. (Ana Romero, Portugal)

2. Ink Blot Camos – watercolor and ink spots create an organic update. (Studio L2 Design, USA)

3. Eastern Color Block – influenced by Bauhaus and Mondrian with a hand painted feel. (BG 2770, USA)

4. Pop Art Conversationals – bold, outlined shapes take inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein’s technique. (Pattern People, USA)

5. Tribal Wash – ethnic prints that are hand-painted yet look as if rain has washed part of the design away (Margherita Leonardi, Italy)

6. Shanghai Florals – stylized Asian florals with a slick nighttime feel. (Margherita Leonardi, Italy)

7.  Abstract Elements – tie-dye textures that take inspiration from the earth such as minerals and other organic matter. (Theo & Hugh, El Salvador)

8. Photobased Prints – 3D and chromatic aberrations. (Oaffi, USA)

9.  Bohemian Folk – geometrics, paisleys and floral designs influenced by Ballets Russes. (Gather No Moss, UK)

10. Baroque Opulence – rich, ornamental, embroidery inspired designs with an antique feel. (Studio L2 Design, USA)


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  1. #

    It´s very interesting, thanks 🙂

    July 5, 2011
  2. Realmente interesantes y ayudan claramente a ver la tendencia.

    November 28, 2011

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