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Pantone Color Planner Summer 2012

It is already time to design some stylish collections for the summer season of 2012. It is the time to develop some influential creative stuff for next year. With this in mind, I researched and came across the Pantone’s trends for Summer 2012 developed by their experts and forecasters. Although these trends came to be known last year itself, but I think it is now that they hold utmost importance. Check out the color forecast below.

BRIDGES: Bridges shape our environments and create vital links between people. They are simple, dynamic structures that represent the hunt for innovation. We cross bridges to discover new sights and open up our horizons – to expand and grow. Bridges build dreams and enhance our taste for fantasy. Bridges encourage collaboration and creativity. Bridges are the stimulus and conduit we use to fuel our imagination, and are our tools for exploration.

Our inquisitive and acquisitive nature means we are always eager for novelty, learning and interaction, and a bridge is a joiner, stimulus and conduit we happily use to get where our imaginations want to go.

Below are the 8 color trends for Summer 2012 by Pantone.

  • Perception – the bridge between deception and reality. Indistinct metallics sit with chalky tones for a story concerned with what is real and what is not.
  • Clay – the bridge between matter and soul. The colors are none other than those of clay, more or less enlivened, more or less shaded, more or less dry, more or less dampened.
  • Now – the bridge between past and future. Dark, dense shadows, full of memories and images, contrast with pure sparkles of blinding light, discretely colored.
  • Titanium – the bridge to new heights. The colors of precious metals oxidized by the sun: golden brown, dark blue and turquoise. Mix them with warm orange, sunflower and primary yellow.
  • Spirit – the bridge between light and dark. Brown and terracotta melt into pink and are lightened by rose, coral, vivid orange and a trace of turquoise. This is the last memory of the day.
  • Lens – the bridge to other worlds. A palette of yellows full of energy is set on a plain of modulated, neighborly neutrals with a bright shiny gold at the center.
  • Pier – the bridge to nowhere. An endless horizon of blues, greens and foaming white with a milky, misted color are viewed through a wash.
  • Facade – the bridge between nature and technology. This palette is based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but what we can learn from it.

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