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Velvet: Adding Elegant Smoothness to Home Décor

Luxury, smoothness, softness and glamour…these are the four words that all of us usually associate velvet with.

A fabric so elegant, it can alter the look of any décor completely, by simply adding a royal touch that is both classic and mesmerizing. In the 90’s, I saw my mother using velvet in evening dresses and party wear stuff. Today it has become a very popular fabric for home décor. From being seductive and classy, and of course adorning the rich and royal with its unmistakable elegance, it has now become chic and glamorous with its various uses in products perfectly crafted with patterns, colors and designs meant for home décor.

Below are some pictures to depict how beautiful velvet fabric looks when used in home décor products like cushions, beds, decorative pillows, throws, etc.

By: Apartment Therapy
By: Crocill
By: Delecuona
By: Curbly
By: Etsy
By: Graham & Green
By: Graham & Green
By: Home Portfolio
By: Llph
By: Llph
By: Pottery Barn
By: Graham & Green
By: Style Hive

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