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15 Best Ways to Use Throws in Home Décor

Adding a throw in a living room gives a completely different look and style to it. Throws are both functional and visual accents that can bring in interest with their punch of pattern and texture. There are various ways in which throws can be used as a décor element as well as to provide warmth in cold climates.

Here are 15 best ways to use throws in home décor.

1.       A neutrally hued throw brings along all the other colors in the room as a scheme.

2.      Placing a throw on the sofa back generates a cozy and appealing ambiance.

3.      Using an assortment of textured throws can add up to varied style and textures in a simple living room.

4.      Placing a throw on the armrest gives a trendy and sophisticated look.

5.      Coordinating the throw with decorative pillows/cushions on a sofa gives a fashionable and chic look.

6.      Adding a bright colored throw on a muted sofa adds sparks of color in a room.

7.      Having a warm knitted throw on the couch next to the fireplace looks very inviting in the winter season.

8.      A patterned throw in bold color creates focus in the otherwise muted bedroom.

9.      Placing a cool colored throw on the bed enhances the feeling of relaxation.

10.   Using 2 differently colored and textures throws together creates a flamboyant look.

11.    Outsized and bold hued throws make the space look dramatic and impressive.

12.   Mix and match of various throws can create a youthful character in any setting.

13.   Tapestry throws look timeless and arty and you may make a statement with them.

14.   A warmer toned throw against a pastel/powdered backdrop brings in visual interest.

15.   A reversible/double sided throw gives you more options to add color.

Below are some pictures to depict some of the above mentioned uses of throws.

By- Lazeme


By- Beach House Linens

By- Elle Decor

By- My Design Chic

By- This Next

By- The Lennoxx

By- Remodelista

By- The Design File

By- Elle Decor

By- Woman's Day

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    Thank you for sharing these useful tips!

    February 1, 2012

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