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Home Décor with Stripes

I love stripes! They are interesting and exciting. As for the visual aspect, being tricky and powerful, they serve as a design solution too. Vertical stripes enhance height whereas horizontal stripes make things look wider. From curtains to cushions, head boards to upholstery and beds too, stripes look good everywhere.

I like coordinating a lot of busy designs with stripes in both prints and woven fabrics. Depending on their color and size/proportion in pattern, they can easily generate a makeover in any space by creating a perception of length or width and of course, by adding on some style and glamour.

Patterns/Designs with stripes are not only trendy but also very dynamic. They add in a lot of energy in any space as they make our vision move from one end to another.

Below are some pictures to illustrate how stripes play an important role in home décor.

By- Homes & Gardens

There seems to be a lot of subtle movement in this room (picture above). The quiet stripes on the wall look unusually wonderful and the serenity of blue stripes is just right to create style.

By- House To Home

The stripes on the wall are the focus points in the room above. They not only look trendy but also support the overall ambiance that is quite sober and modern.

By- Houzz

The black and white floor covering and cushions are adding on to the interest in the otherwise muted interiors.

By-House Beautiful

The rug in stripes enhances the lengthwise space and also coordinates well with the plain and checks of the upholstered furniture.

The striped bed, rug and shades coordinate very well with the colors of the cushions in the above picture. Overall, it looks like a happy kids room with balanced colors.

By-Online Gift Search

The striped bed is certainly the main focus here in this room illustrated above. It takes the main stage and shadows everything else very easily with its marvelous colors.

By-Design Decor Staging

The stripes on the wall are perfect for creating a space perception and the windows are highlighted well with a strong color and diagonal strip contrast. The idea of style and drama is well presented in this picture above.

By-Female Ways

The horizontal stripes of the curtains are making a very bold statement with their size/proportion. The purpose of balancing the height of the room with the width is stated in a glamorous way here.


By- Fab Outdoor Fabrics

The striped cushion looks awesome as a coordinate to the printed ones. It looks like a perfect design solution to some busy designs.

By- Crafts Collection

The colors are loud yet perfect in these striped cushions which will look very good outdoors. I would love to place such bright stripes with the patio furniture.

By- Telegraph

The striped cushions above would definitely work well in the dining area or lounge, just right to create an impact with vigor and substance.

By- Barkers Interiors

The stripes in this room are absolutely gorgeous, glamorous and indeed very stylish. Presented on the appropriate fabrics on coffee table and cushion to coordinate with the floral upholstery and the wall décor.

If you are looking forward to make a statement with your home decor, do not forget stripes. They are easy to place and very stylish.


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