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Cushions to accessorize any space décor

Imagine a room with all the furniture but no cushions or decorative pillows. Wouldn’t it look barren and boring? Cushions are significant decorating accessories that make your space look stylish and versatile and are light on your budget of home décor. They make up for easy décor alterations too when you desire to add interest all throughout your interiors or even outdoors.

As a designer, I suggest everyone to have a stylish collection of cushions and decorative pillows to accessorize the space in whatever way you like or prefer. With a plethora of cushions available in the market, it gets easy to select textures, colors, designs and fabrics as per your choice and décor style.

By- House to Home

Cushions as an accessory can be added just anywhere and not just in the living room. They look great on beds, dining chairs and floors too. They complete the entire look and are a complete fit in all sorts of environments. The idea is to choose what you like or what goes well with the present décor style, what matches your taste and what suits your personality.

By- NY Post

Imagine a bed with basic cushions and at least 1 decorative pillow that exists only to add focus. I even like using floor cushions with just a small rug under them. Likewise, a lot of other areas can be accentuated using cushions.

By- GD Lane Interiors

If you lead a very casual/informal lifestyle, funky/jazzy designs suit you the best. Create a good mix of colorful and decorative pieces in unusual shapes and create a delightful atmosphere.

By- Media On Sugar

For a very formal and classic environment, pick up natural colors for that timeless style.

By- Home Klondike

If your style is semi formal, add colorful cushions or just go by any selected palette of hues as per the existing décor and create an inviting and warm atmosphere.

By- Great Interior Design

If you are not sure of what to select, geometric designs are the best choice for you as they go well with all kinds of décor and work marvelously to augment the visual impact in a space.

By- Duralynk

For a dramatic and opulent look, try some silk or velvet cushions as these fabrics are high end exotic fabrics which generate the correct feel, look rich and exquisite too.

By- Silk Cafe

By- Grahmand Green

For an absolute sober look, try linen cushions. These may be slightly expensive than all other varieties but look quite graceful and elegant.


For a flamboyant décor, try cushions with some surface ornamentation like embroidery and sequin work, appliqué and patchwork, etc.

By- Room Envy

If you have placed some wicker, wooden or wrought iron furniture in your patio or backyard, bright bold colored cushions would look the best against any backdrop.

By- Harlequin

Accentuate all your rooms with a variety of cushions. Be Stylish! Be Glam!

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