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Autumn- Winter 2011- 2012 Apparel Fabric Trends by Interstoff Asia Essential

Interstoff Directions Trend Committee (a part of Messe Frankfurt in Hongkong) tells the story of tomorrow’s apparel fabric trends to help designers and garment professionals gear up for the upcoming fashion season. This year they have released 4 trends to mark a very joyous and colorful season with cutting edge textiles.

Drive the Change: Take the situation in your hands and risk the creativity. It is time to express individual capacities in order to drive the change towards more quality than quantity, comfort and security, authenticity and sustainability, emotion and dreams. Durable values, capable to reset our life’s rhythm, to introduce new languages in a constant dialogue between tradition and modernity that conceive fabrics in a dream like dimension, which serves to provide refuge from a not very happy reality and to look into the future with greater confidence and positivity.

Fashion joins sustainability, leading the way towards a world more respectful of environmental qualities and renewable resources. Function meets fashion, integrating the most advanced performances and technologies into creative fashionable products.

Below are the trends and color stories for Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 Apparel Fabric Trends by Interstoff Asia Essential.

Color Stories-Autumn/Winter-2011/2012 Apparel Fabric Trends by Interstoff Asia Essential


Northern Shelter by Interstoff Asia Essential

Colors are cool with a neutralized light effect. Frosted and foggy blues and moss greens, the everlasting grays and white.

Materials explore the natural quality of rounded wool rowing and coarse cashmere mélanges. Cotton-polyester fleeces, felted wools and brushed mohair stay for warmth and lightness. Smooth microfibers add softness to fine jerseys. The other fabric techniques such as boucle and furs, jacquard and cross stitch embroideries, old faded checks and flannels, cotton cord, undefined textures, blankets and quilts will be widely used. Thin coatings for a wet look and frozen effects, crinkled crystallized surfaces, windproof nylon and resistant Cordura are going to be in vogue.

Prints find their inspiration from Nordic landscapes, smoky and foggy graded aspects.

Shapes are enveloping, protective, voluminous cocoons, cross point between naturalness and technology.


Indulgent Dreams by Interstoff Asia Essential

Colors are serene and soft. Nude skin tones, cosmetic pink hues, lit up by vivid accents of lipstick red.

Materials are precious but simple. Burnt out textures will be seen widely. Cashmeres carry a used up look. Superfine wool appears in smooth textures. Silk jerseys remain in and so do antique laces enhanced with golden reflections. Wool velours, shiny matt viscose velvets with a caressing feeling, softened cottons, embossed, emerised, brushed surfaces, voluminous Chanel type weaves and monochromatic brocades along with pearly effects will hit positively.

Prints explore diffused ephemeral motifs, wallpaper archive designs, small nostalgic florals, poetic pictorial roses and mini geometrics.

Shapes recall the feminine silhouettes of the 50’s, seductive and robust at the same time.


Layers of Time by Interstoff Asia Essential

Colors are modulated by a vintage patina. Dense faded dark, tones of wood and earth.

Materials with a sense of authenticity, durability, sustainability and comfort will remain popular. Woolen twills, haphazard tweeds, redesigned tartans and checks, historic lace in new laser cut variations, compact double-jersey and coarse canvas, mohairs and natural alpaca blends will take the power in hands. Tapestry, jacquards and brocades, historical paisleys on velvets and satins will be seen too. Using technology to reproduce crafted fabrics and coatings for aging, evolving, metamorphosing, twisting traditional fabrics will dictate the fashion arenas.

Shapes reveal the confidence in secure values of rigorous elegance and timeless comfort.


Crazy Creations by Interstoff Asia Essential

Colors vibrate with energy: bright, ornamental, audacious hues with a festive attitude.

Materials interpret an uninhibited creativity. Clever colored denim and sparkling jersey knits flirt with fake furs. Patchworks with crazy patterns and disrupted designs, exaggerated graphics and color blockings, 3-D textures and matelasse fabrics, extra matte or super shiny surfaces, stretch compact jerseys and laces, techno Lycra, bold satins and chiffons in a visual cacophony will make a mark.

Prints and Coatings play with laminated, lacquered or chameleon effects, bright lights appear as reflections.

Transgressive Shapes between clown-like madness, artful creation and rock vibrations.

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  1. Thea Gower-Jackson #

    This is an excellent report. Very concise, detailed and easy to follow. Well-done. Excellent.

    January 30, 2012

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