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Heimtextil 2011/2012 – Pictures

Hey Friends,

I know a lot of you all have been waiting for some glimpse of the famous event Heimtextil – 2011/2012, which was recently held in Frankfurt, Germany. The trade fair was a great success, especially after the slowdown of economy in recent years. It witnessed an increase in both exhibitors and visitors and a big improvement in terms of quality.

I shall post a complete review of the event shortly, but for now, enjoy the glimpse of Heimtextil 2011/2012 in this picture presentation.

Here are some event related links:

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Heimtextil 2011/2012 Trend – Wilderness

Heimtextil 2011/2012 Color Trends (Reconnect)

Heimtextil 2011/2012 Trend Report (Reconnect)

Heimtextil 2011/2012 Fabrics in Trend








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