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Country Style Designs/Décor

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The time tested charm of country living is simply unavoidable. It is indicative of a simple lifestyle comprising comfort as the principle ingredient and also the much required refuge from urban stress. For a designer, it is easy to associate with this kind of design style as it has room for a lot of creativity and vigor of traditional products, which happen to be very popular in most cultures/countries.

I think the country style of designs carry a universal appeal. With this style, you may incorporate a cozy, comfortable, somewhat rural and casual look in your space. The style is both elegant and practical. Being a textile designer, I love this style as it enables me to play with colorful textiles which are more functional than fanciful.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the Country Style Décor.

By- Channel 4

By- Channel 4

By- Channel 4

By- CR Daily Star

By- The Taylor Home Letter

By- Chestnut Grove

By- Country Living

There are different types of country styles that can be installed in your space. Here are some examples:

French Country Style: This style of country living is personified by a vibrant color palette comprising lavender, aubergine, sunflower yellow and deep azure blue.  Natural products and designs from nature are a symbolized characteristic. The overall setting generates a warm and rustic feeling that embraces you with its clutter less charm.

English Country Style: This style typifies the use of a dark color palette with deep red, brown and forest greens the colors of emphasis. From colors to designs, to overall setting, everything is highly inspired by the key word “garden” or a “garden in bloom”. Chintz fabrics, tassels and fringes are used in various designs and products. Apart from natural garden theme, plaids, stripes and ginghams are popularly used in furnishings. Patch work quilts are used widely too.

American Country Style: This style is popular for its rustic appeal, colorful accents, calico and gingham fabrics and the most important element- the 5 point star. Patch work quilts, hides and skin rugs are an integral part of such a setting style.

Italian Country Style/Tuscan Style: Such a style is quite similar to French Country style but the colors are rich and warm, including terracotta, ochre, green and golden yellow.

Swedish Country Style: This décor style is famous for the use of folk art talents in handicrafts like handmade patched quilts and rag rugs. Mostly linens are ornamented with hand cross stitch and other simple embroideries.

It is indeed surprising that such design styles still exist around the world. The most fantastic thing about this style is that it is relaxed and comfortable. It encourages us to enjoy our surroundings both inside and outdoor.


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