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Color 2011- For Design & Color Stories


Hey Everyone!

January 2011, we hear people (designers and stylists) talk a lot about color. Well, it is a fresh start of the year and so everyone has a fresh take on designs and colors too. Being a designer myself, I think it is imperative to have a color connection with people in general. The colors we use in our day to day life in our homes are the ones that need to possess compelling rationale to exist in our space. After all, the world is changing and so is the consumer!

Big names in the industry design their color trends, the rest, by and large follow. This is what brings in a unanimous trend direction to follow across the world.  So what can we expect to see in 2011? Well, here it goes.

The color stories in 2011 are an inspirational fable of fire and passion. Fire stands for a new beginning as we move in a new direction with transformed energy, a concept that shall surface as a great idea in most design and color stories. Fire inspired reds, oranges and ambers are the fireworks of 2011 which will converse with the consumer’s heart, mind and soul in full passion. Honeysuckle, the color of the year 2011 by Pantone also happens to be a derivative of red.

Light golden browns speak of natural luxury and magnificence in everything. From Cashmere to almonds, fine scotch to aged tobacco, they reflect in everything that looks extravagant.

Blue has always been in. In any tint or shade, the hue looks fabulously fresh. 2010 saw Turquoise as the color of the year 2010 by Pantone, and this year, it will be more aqueous and refreshing to balance the warmth and passion of fire.

Greens are here to represent everything natural. They embark a fresh start of all seasons with their different tones in the spectrum.

Charcoal, smoke and ash are colors we see every day. Although neutral, they are easy to put beside any color to make that color look important. I think they have a long way to go this year too.

Purple will come alive with the influence of fire, making it look richer and darker.

Hope the year brings in a lot of color to your life!




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