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Hummus with Pita Bread

Hey Everyone!

Hummus dip with Pita bread topped with olive oil and Coriander

Hummus is a famous dip in the Middle East countries, made from mashed chickpeas. It is said that the first Hummus was prepared by Saladin, the Sultan of Egypt, in the 12th century. Pita Bread is also a known dish in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, and is eaten with Hummus dip.

Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for Hummus:

Tahini Sauce – 60 ml

Lemon Juice (freshly extracted) – 30 ml

Garlic (minced) – 5 flakes

Salt – ½ tsp

Chickpeas (soaked for 6 hours and boiled) – 300 gms

Cold Water – as per requirement

Olive Oil (extra virgin) – 50 ml

Coriander Leaves – 1 sprig

Olive (pieced into small) – 3

Ingredients for Pita Bread :

Active Dry Yeast – 1 tbsp

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Water (warm) – 300 ml

Salt – 1 tsp

Olive Oil (extra virgin) – 1 tbsp

All Purpose Flour – 400 gms

Wheat Flour – 400 gms


(Preparation time: 30 minutes; Rising time: 40 minutes; Cooking time; 3 minutes; Serves: 8;)

HUMMUS: In a blender mix tahini sauce with lemon juice until it turns frothy and smooth. Also add garlic and salt. Drain and add boiled chickpeas to the mixture in small quantities. Keep blending while using some cold water until you get a smooth dipping consistency. Serve and top it up with some olive oil, coriander sprig and olive pieces.

PITA BREAD: In 100 ml warm water, add sugar and dry yeast. Cover and let it sleep for 15 minutes. In the rest 200 ml of warm water add salt. In a mixing bowl, put both the flours and make a well in between to add the salt water. Also add the yeast and sugar mixture. Knead the flour. Add olive oil and knead again till the flour absorbs the oil. Cover the bowl and keep in a dark and warm place for about 40 minutes. Punch the dough and knead again. Make some equal size balls with this dough and roll them flat till you achieve a ¼ inch thickness. Keep the rolled bread on baking sheet and bake at 175degree C, for about 3 minutes.

Serve Hummus with Warm Pita Bread.

(Nutrition value- Energy:293 kcal; Protein: 8.9 g)


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