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Color Inspirations

Hey Friends!

Colors, as we have discussed in some of our previous blog posts, play a very important role in our lives. They define our taste and persona and enable us to make certain glamour and style statement.

Yesterday, one of my blog followers – Miranda Logan from Germany asked me an important question, which I think a lot of people might be interested in. She asked me “Where do Designers get inspired from while deciding colors for design themes?” Today’s blog post shall answer her question.

Inspirations are all around us. Designers are people with special exclusive skills to observe the details around them and derive inspirations for designs as well as colors. An inspiration is usually well thought of. It could be a popular place, a popular object or personality, a city, a village, our lifestyle, and much more.  In a similar fashion, color stories are well thought of too. The color scheme of a bedroom could be a result of an inspiration of the color of a flower or any other object from nature. The living room color scheme can be an inspiration derived from the color and texture of a particular tapestry that you love. The choice is simply endless.

Color Inspiration from Lime Green - Picture by- Juvan Design

Color Inspiration from Blue Water and Green Leaves – Picture by- Décor Pad

Color Inspiration from Earth – Picture by- Décor Pad

Color Inspiration from Rose Flower – Picture by- My Home Ideas

Color Inspiration from Sunset – Picture by- Arren Williams



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